The WERD: Thanks, Obama

The WERD: Thanks, Obama

It’s President Obama’s last day, so Stephen’s conservative identical twin cousin, Stephen Colbert, stopped by to wish him farewell.

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19 Responses

  1. OnceUponAPiano says:

    I feel like Stephen styles his hair differently when he has to be in
    character as Cobert Report-Stephen.

  2. Ermac ‍ says:

    So did Stephen use a stunt double? Wait… I’m losing my shit at 2:43 in
    the morning.

  3. Khan Singh says:

    I miss that Stephen Colbert :'(

  4. Zia says:

    1:06 Jesus that guy in the audience

  5. Why you gotta go there says:

    *sigh* Here we go again. Remember Bush? Remember Obama? Get ready for it.
    Get ready for trump to fuck up the world, and then if the next guy happens
    to be leftwing he will get all the blame. The right may not be good at
    doing things well, but they sure are great at convincing people it’s not
    their fault. Obama was no where near perfect, but if any, *ANY* trump
    supporter honestly thinks trump will be better than Obama… well it’s not
    hard to tell why you don’t like Obama.

    Obama has problems. His expansion of drones, the number of dead civilians
    in the middle east, Gitmo still being open, him talking about torture like
    “we tortured some folks” and so on. However you can’t care about that if
    you want a guy who has said in interviews he will bomb *the families* of
    terrorists, said he wants to torture even worse than before, and has said
    he wants to “fill the crap out of” Gitmo. Well as long as all that evil
    shit doesn’t make you a “cuck” right? Morons.

  6. Fuck Google says:

    The black suit is a better look for him, he looks so much younger without
    those thick glasses too. Why did he change

  7. Carson Alexander says:

    Good job, Barrack! You did your best :)

  8. Storm VII says:

    Aw, no Jon Stewart… I’d hoped he’d at least make a ten second cameo to
    spit urine in Stephen’s face… on second thought, he’s probably back to
    water after Golden Gate.

  9. TheoKabala89 says:

    After 8 years of obstruction politics, Republicans are now in charge, lets
    see what they do.

  10. Ghostdialoog says:

    That was the first time I laughed at a joke he did with the band. Good job.

  11. Edigar Mafi says:

    fuck you donald trumpf and thank you Barack Obama great job stephen

  12. Yami says:

    That was a good use of piano guy.

  13. Daniel Knapp says:

    That goddamn dress was WHITE. AND. GOLD.

  14. Marco Joseph Cheung (MJC) says:

    I’m not gonna say he was a great president but never have I seen such a
    concerted irrational hit job on a single man

  15. mr dinkleberg says:

    i hope comedy central allows them to buy this character back

  16. Evan Boyer says:

    wait how did Stephen walk off and also make an entrance at the same time?

  17. DM says:

    Thanks Obama. You’ll be truly missed.

  18. R J says:

    I want real Steven Colbert back it’ll make these next 4 years easier

  19. Bryce Walburn says:

    1:06 – “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!”