The Whisper Challenge with Rebel Wilson

The Whisper Challenge with Rebel Wilson

Jimmy and Rebel take turns guessing random names and phrases while wearing noise-canceling headphones.
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20 Responses

  1. Rachel Hill says:

    lol I thought it said ” super rip ” and I had a heart attack

  2. Spookay Ookay says:

    She’s so…. fat

  3. Natalie Nolting says:

    really disappointed Jimmy isn’t doing a strip whisper challenge…. :(

  4. Jonhatan “jjonhsay” Sanabria says:

    The Whisper Challenge with Rebel Wilson and Jimmy Fallon

  5. Ari Hr. says:

    Joe Sugg needs to copyright his challenge.

  6. Moises Munoz says:

    I will NEVER understand why people like her, She is annoying, terrible
    actress and not funny. But oh well, people go with the flow I guess.

    • Moises Munoz says:

      +BumpadaTraffic Yeah and that’s what I did, voice my OPINION. I’m not
      telling people NOT to like her, just wondering why they do it. Next time
      make sure to say something that makes sense, rather then just say anything
      for the hell of saying.

  7. Naomi Bees says:


  8. jazzhoppus says:

    Rebel is so cool and beautiful

  9. cherrypie 66 says:

    this was too short !!

  10. Mauro Arias says:

    She is my girl bring her over as often as you can do the show

  11. anon03030605 says:

    rebel is actually pretty funny. too bad pitch perfect is hellbent on only
    using fat jokes and making her the female australian kevin james

  12. Thavry Khmer says:

    Love how she said that Jimmy was smashing since he couldn’t hear. Haha

  13. Lois Shin says:

    Thatcher Joe making Ur way into jimmy Fallon’s show congrats!!!

  14. JBGaming says:

    I don’t know you guys, but I think she’s really pretty.

  15. Melizma Tea says:

    Rebel is gorgeous. I had no idea because actresses who are overweight
    always play the part of the fat, ugly one. So she never looked exactly bad,
    but I didn’t see her as all that attractive. But she’s actually really
    beautiful. So there. Too bad women can’t be seen as big and beautiful more

  16. Race Watts says:

    Jimmy Fallon is hilarious i watch him every night.

  17. DANILO AMORIM says:

    3:11 New earthquake on Nepal.

  18. Art Zavala says:

    Rebel is sexy.

  19. Pauline Lee says:

    Copying Smosh?