The Witcher: Season 3 | Official Teaser | Netflix

The Witcher: Season 3 | Official Teaser | Netflix

This summer, everything changes. The Witcher Season 3 begins on June 29th.


About Netflix:
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The Witcher: Season 3 | Official Teaser | Netflix

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42 Responses

  1. Triforcebro says:

    Glad we have an actor like Henry, who respects source material and is a nerd himself.

  2. Simon Iden says:

    We will miss you Henry. You were the real reason we’re going to last through season three. An actor we all love and Netflix didn’t deserve.

  3. Nerdgenix says:

    This show is a perfect lesson in the importance of respecting source material & the passion fans have for it.

    • Billy Was Here says:

      @BF LOL…. “depressing levels of sexism”? And into the pile this opinion goes….

    • Chapter 451 says:

      I’d argue Rings of Power would be the lesson

    • ShaunRL says:

      Not like we needed it after GoT

    • Skullmaister says:

      @BF He didn’t jump ship they literally fired him, a great adaptation of the books are the games and they respect the source material but the showrunners have made it their world instead of the world of the Witcher.

    • DeadNorth 86 says:

      Who’s being paid by Netflix here…???

      Plus we all know this show is getting cancelled

      You couldn’t even keep the cw going, and they changed everything for that one crowd

  4. Harrison Craig says:

    Still cannot believe Netflix was given a pot of gold with the amazing source material and Henry Cavill. And they decided to throw them both away.

    • KEKstrodamus says:

      Well, it’s Netflix, where great things go to die

    • Nordpeak TV says:

      @Ilidio Caralho apparently not enough potential for woke content in the source materials ….

    • Harrison Craig says:

      @Ilidio Caralho exactly, only proves they had no logical reason to stray from the books

    • Harmony Matungulu says:

      @Ilidio Caralho no show writer/producer wants to follow already written material, unfortunately. They like adding their own unnecessary stuff to make it look like they did something

  5. ClickyTheBlicky says:

    Henry Cavill is a genius, thank you Mr Cavill for caring so much about this series and I’m sorry you had to deal with the horrible writers that know NOTHING, must have been hard working with a bunch of toddlers. But goes to show how great Henry is, he lead this series into the light and because of his knowledge of this IP he made it perfect 🤩

  6. 12890mrkickass says:

    We need more actors like Henry, he clearly cares about the fan base and source material

  7. Serial says:

    It will never be the same without Henry. He’s our Geralt of Rivea.

    • Salty Cat says:

      Gerald of Rivera

    • The Doomslayer says:

      ​@First Ranger To be fair, the first episode and maybe the second were actually okay. I personally adored the Striga fight. After that, I was only watching the show for Henry.

    • M M says:

      @First Ranger IoII what a pretension damn….you are the perfect human… show us the way please!!…

    • JustMe :/ says:

      @First Ranger Lil bro tryna put his OPINION on others as a FACT, what a clown

    • Jennifer Hunter says:

      hah.. I don’t care. Does anyone remember Terrance Howard in Ironman 2 or any of the subsequent MCU movies?

      he wasn’t even that good. I’m sorry but it’s true. He just looked the part of big guy with white hair. I don’t think that’s a hard thing to do. He hasn’t shown me the acting range that he showed in The Tudors. In that, he was better. In fact, he’s better in Enola Holmes as well. He needs to get out of action and show his acting ability rather than his clenched jaw constipated look. There’s only so far his looks will carry him and frankly… he’s already aging out. There are plenty of hot guys out there.

  8. DueceJay Gaming says:

    Just the voice alone, Henry definitely will be missed after this season. Sucks when the source material doesn’t mean anything when previously it’s the source material that made them MAKE A SHOW ABOUT IT.

    • Marychocolatefairy says:

      That is an excellent point. These people go to the trouble of buying the rights to an IP because it’s popular and fans would love to see an onscreen version of it… then they’re like “Imma put my own things in it now.”

    • Shadow OfThePast says:

      @Fatima Khan well that was 1 reason too. But that also didn’t happen because well..DC just sucks

    • Fatima Khan says:

      @Shadow OfThePast Uhm na I thought he wanted to play super man

    • Shadow OfThePast says:

      @Pratyush B He disagreed with the writers on the direction the show was going into and how writers don’t respect the source material so they let Henry go..or he left I dunno but it will propably be the last good season with s3. S4 onward will be another actor and it’s not gonna be good most likely.

    • Pratyush B says:

      Why isn’t he coming back for Season 4?!?

  9. James A says:

    Netflix have no idea how much damage they’ve done to this series letting Henry go, had so much potential with him as main cast member

    • Pervy Sage says:

      You have no idea how much damage they did before letting him go.

    • Everette Njeze says:

      @johnathan hurst no he said it had nothing to with DC. The show runners and writers were shitting in the lore and story, and future seasons they were changing things so he decided to leave.

    • johnathan hurst says:

      They didn’t let him go. He left because he was recasted as Superman. And then the DC universe let him go. So basically he left for no reason

    • Ye Huvie says:

      i would say multi billions missed out in branding, merch, licencing is down the drain now. it could have been on game of thrones level but now it is just another fantasy show.

  10. castaonfire says:

    When Geralt said: “It’s respecting the source material time!” And proceeded to get thrown out of the show I was in awe. Truly one of the decisions of all time.

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