The Working Man

The Working Man

A hand drawn animated short film about the life of the working man.

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28 Responses

  1. SolidBarek says:

    I think you just hit the jackpot Tim…great animated short! Hope you’re planning on entering it into some festivals!

  2. jacksprrow says:

    how about get a new job?

  3. Noah Memerson says:

    Holy hell the drawer… what a powerful animation. I love this!

  4. bullseyejoe says:

    My guess is that you should have spent the time finding a new job.

  5. Redrocketboy420 says:

    Wow, 19 dislikes? 19 people who must be someone’s asshole boss

  6. ImpavidArcher says:

    Here before you become world known.

    Great emotion in this.

  7. Mr okushama says:

    The rewards just upgrade the punishment, too much weight to carry when your heart isn’t in it to begin with.

  8. FenderStrat96 says:

    Accurate representation of top down management in the workplace. The harsh reality decipted struck more than a few chords.

  9. Heckies says:

    Why isn’t he fired for fucking up so many times?

  10. Bosley says:

    This going to explode when it does know I was the 97th comment

  11. miriahofthewind says:

    Reminds me more of my old retail job instead of a factory one.

  12. M3S says:

    My life in a nutshell

  13. hmm yes interesting says:

    This hit way too close to home.

  14. Austin Zanzinger says:

    Fantastically made, on the trending page can’t wait for this to go crazy

  15. Michael Carbonaro says:

    What a terrible factory system. Would have went out of business in a free market. Bosses most have lobbyists and bureaucrats giving them favors.

  16. Nathan Meredith says:

    The sound effects would be better if they were original

  17. Sam M. says:

    Look guys I was here a while ago

  18. SnoopyDoo says:

    Life is really shit if you work for a company like this. Once you made the decision to be self employed, you’ll never want to go back to working for someone else. Life is way too short to waste it working for assholes.

  19. Stephen Driller Knight says:

    Don’t remember when you this blows up. I’m just holding you back.

  20. The Gadget Review says:

    This definitely isn’t trending with 40k views

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