The World War of the Ants – The Army Ant

The World War of the Ants – The Army Ant

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Every day billions of soldiers fight a merciless war on thousands of fronts, that has been going on for over one hundred million years: The world war of the ants.

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68 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Thanks to Curiosity Stream for supporting us in making this video.
    Go to for a free 31-day-trial.

  2. exseque says:

    Imagine just walking in on an ant battle and you could just start stomping on one side to help them.

    • Jeff Vader says:

      You were also interfering with natural selection in a way.

    • Dan Penberthy says:

      Ants: We weren’t expecting special forces

    • João Pedro Alves says:

      like Godzilla helping the humans.

    • Runs with Phantoms says:

      @Dan Penberthy “When we asked for help, I didn’t think they’d send a *Spartan!”*

    • Milos says:

      @Marble Taco I loved experimenting with insects. I also loved using magnifying glass to burn them. I even tried to write down the names(that I gave them) of bugs, insects and others which I encountered. I was disappointed thought when I realized that someone already did that on a much larger scale. It really sucks to be born now that almost everything has been explored and cataloged. Ants were my favorite of course, simply because their wars were epic. I did like breeding and torturing mosquito babies as well, sometimes feeding them to aquarium fish.

  3. kakashi zen says:

    Army ants when they see other ants’ nest

    *It’s free real estate*

  4. TehDerpChannel says:

    Me just waiting for another consciousness video-

    But seriously cool video, really appreciate the effort

  5. Doge Hacking GAMING says:


  6. Megablademe says:

    Imagine a video game about fighting ants.That would be amazing.

  7. Deadward Riptofen says:

    Germany: Leaf Cutter Ants
    Soviet Union: Heavy armor ants
    We all know the outcome don’t we?

    • ユーネポ / Yuunepo says:


      Soviet tanks were far more reliable, easy to repair and build, on the other hand german tanks were overcomplicated and unreliable in real world conditions.

    • Ludwig The Medic says:

      @Special Snowflake It depends. The Tiger II, Jagdtiger ,Panther and other German tanks were some of the most heavily armored tanks used in WWII. Those tanks were great in design. However due to Resource shortages, bad maintenance and those tanks not having the ability to be mass produced fucked the tanks in general. They were mostly more heavily armored (the only tanks that could compete were the IS-2 and T-44) and armed than the American and Soviet tanks, but absolutely outnumbered.

    • Midnight says:

      @ユーネポ / Yuunepo easy to repair and build? Yes.
      Reliable? Not really, if you don’t mean that they were reliably bad.

      German tanks were far more complicated and you needed special equipement to repair them, but they would just loose their chains, because you drove over a rock the wrong way…

  8. JD Tug says:

    Dirtcraft: Soldier Ants vs Leafcutters
    One of the more entertaining videos you’ve put out. 🙂

  9. BaTBaiLeyS says:

    This video is soooo well done! Can’t wait for the second part 😀


  10. StarSilverInfinity says:

    I’ve already fallen in love with ants thanks to Ants Canada- But now you’vet made me like them even more

  11. StarSilverInfinity says:

    This is a list of army ant controlled colonies –

  12. ProDudeFilms says:

    One time I killed an ant and another ant took its body and dragged it away and I low key felt kinda bad

  13. Nohb'dy 11 says:

    Y’all hear that? Waging war against members of your own species doesn’t make evolutionary sense.

  14. Alex Mendez says:

    Random ant: So how many insects do you guys wanna kill today
    Other ants: Yes

  15. Nyalan says:

    WW2: I’m the deadliest war in history
    The ongoing war between Nomamyrmex esenbekii and leaf cutter ants: hold my beer

  16. Nugget says:

    Army ants for thousands of years: “they can’t stop us all”
    People in 2019: “they can’t stop us all”

    • Avéragé says:

      Plot Twist: Nugget is actually an Ant Queen that’s trying to create a colony and calling it the Nugget cave to avoid suspicion from humans!

    • Phélyks Do says:

      Omg its nugget

    • Noah Roblee says:

      That’s nice Nugget

    • Ja Ck says:

      Nugget this is why your my favorite character

    • Darken De la Espada says:

      Who the hell ever says “You can’t stop us all”? We have long known that numbers do not win wars, it seems like you just want to demean us. Hell back in the olden days we knew that flooding a battlefield with soldiers without keeping any back would just send everyone retreating. Thus why we had to clean up the beaches of Normandy of bodies prior to every push. If not our soldiers would have immediately lost morale and we would have lost no matter how many people we had.

  17. Mohamed-deg Kayse says:

    Insects: *EXISTS*

    Army Ants: _Nothing personal, kid…._

  18. Noah Oh says:

    “Most army ants are not particularly impressive individually.”

    *Shows the bullet ant*

  19. Nekairu Zero says:

    So when ants have a war and I just step on them, who wins the war?

  20. USAball says:

    So Army ant’s tactic is to overwhelm enemies with sheer numbers?

    Army Ant = Communist confirmed.

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