The Worlds Fastest General Lee Can Run From any Cop (1600hp Twin Turbo LS)

The Worlds Fastest General Lee Can Run From any Cop (1600hp Twin Turbo LS)

I have very ill intentions with this car……………..

Built by @316 SPEED @Holley​

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46 Responses

  1. Kyle Ertter says:

    I think the most impressive thing about the car is that the windshield took a direct hit from a 45lb plate.

  2. Street Racing Channel says:

    Truly living the dream, a Twin Turbo general Lee! Thank you for spending the absolutely obnoxious amount of money to make this grade A content for everyone. We appreciate it.

  3. Protochad says:

    I’m a huge car guy and so many things hurt my soul in this video, but I still love Cody and his content. Even if it kills me, I’ll always be a fan.

  4. EuroBandit says:

    Thanks Cody for reminding us how well Ford built these engines, this Ford LS literally takes all the abuse even with a twin volumetric compressor turbocharger and external blow off valves!! It’s insane!!

    • Salty Florida Man says:

      @DMorton yeah, if someone says twin volumetric compressor turbos, I can guarantee you he’s aware that GM makes the LS. Lol

    • crazy silly says:

      @Marco Banuelos no Toyota invented the LS

    • DMorton says:

      Okay for real guys when I first looked at these comments, the first three comments and maybe 5 seconds I was about to have a heart attack lmao. Then I picked up on it lol

    • HewittzHotWheelz says:


    • Mike Yurchison says:

      @Salty Florida Man I think you’re the one that’s clueless, the LS was in Orville and Wilbur Wright’s plane they made their first flight in, in 1903. So, it obviously wasn’t GEO. You had the year right though.

  5. MrBeautyTribe says:

    The sound of those turbos and that engine in general are just insane….

  6. Kamion King says:

    Can’t get this excitement out of Tesla for sure.

  7. wiggles1031 says:

    Just when I thought you couldn’t do anything more ridiculous, you completely redeem yourself. Thank you for great content.

  8. Okechukwu S. Oruruo says:

    When he dangled the key before his neighbour, I legitimately believed he would give it to him, then they drove away, I was like surely he will give him at some point till the end nothing happened. I just felt that would have been the best thing for that car, giving it to someone who genuinely love the car, and would enjoy it for many years. As it stands now, it will eventually be trashed

    • CJ K says:

      I feel like he should do a few videos with get it fixed and go back to the neighbor and give it to him for real. That did feel very mean for his channel.

    • Houston Tressler says:

      He will probably give it to him after he is done doing his videos for him probably going to give hime the crushed one first than surprise him with a new one late

    • vtx106 says:

      @FoilHattiest Instead, he get’s to watch him destroy it before his very eyes. That’s tough. He should have gave dude the car.

    • Slick Cheeto says:

      Idk if anyone understands the strong desire of having something you can probably never obtain but that was not a joke that likely broke his heart that he was fucking around about giving it to him.

    • Made by Jappa says:

      He should give it to his neighbour.

  9. Bryan Spaulding says:

    I wish he would have actually gave it to his neighbor. I felt his neighbors pain when he took the keys away. I own a 69 myself and it’s a truly a beautiful piece of art. Love the car

    • Brandon Jones says:

      I bet he fixes the other one for his neighbor

    • FoilHattiest says:

      @crazy silly OK, well I’ve watched him for years but I’ve never seen him do anything that mean to someone before. I guess he might have but I must have missed those videos then.

    • FoilHattiest says:

      @Peter Cole Goble In my opinion, friends just screwing with each other would be yanking the keys back saying it was just a joke, and then still giving him the car in the end anyway, like after they were done with their little test drive and WD had brought him back home in the car or something. That would still sting a bit but end on a good note. To take the keys back and just have it all be a mean joke isn’t friendly at all imho, just a real asshole thing to do.

    • crazy silly says:

      @FoilHattiest Thats the joke….

      This is Cody’s shtick on the channel….

    • 27walker27 says:

      Yeah don’t find that part funny tbf, might be a joke to him but for his neighbour the chance of owning that would be a literal dream come true, where’s the fun in literally pretending to fulfill someone’s dream then smashing it, other than that good vid haha and the production level is getting insane

  10. Keegan Fogarty says:

    Yep, still having a love hate relationship with this guy and his content…

    • Root Note-Evan says:

      Tbh, it depends on exactly what he’s destroying. G Wagon? Alright fine. Ford ranger? Who cares. But he’s wrecked a few really nice cars that hurt my soul even though the content was worth it.

    • Dead president says:

      Yea same I love his channel but I sum times cringe at him destroying other cars but I have to remember it’s his money and plus it’s kinda entertaining.

  11. franco Banko says:

    telegram @cody_giveaway1 Is a SCAMMERR pretending to be Cody. A shitty nigerian scammer.

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