The World’s Largest Fruits

The World’s Largest Fruits

In a lot of ways, it’s pretty wonderful that we live at a time where we can benefit from the work and intelligence of literally thousands of generations of people. We rarely think of the people alive today who work to bring us are food, let alone the people tens of thousands of years ago who began the process of creating the hundreds of different varieties of food we find in our grocery stores today.

Thanks to all those dead people!

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20 Responses

  1. c. Mor says:

    Shameless self promotion in the title.

  2. Jasoniskewl says:

    october 10 is got7s new album release.

  3. Meredith .D says:


  4. Olivia says:

    Hank, this was great. Thank you.

  5. Kyra DeLeon says:

    This is my new favorite video.

  6. Lyda Swogger says:

    Birthday pumpkin championship for me! And johns book two days after!!! I love coincidences.

  7. dwadl says:

    you really dropped a bomb with the whole pumpkin canoe thing, i was already pretty impressed.

  8. Miles of Color says:

    was this inspired by the grapefruit, possibly once known as the great fruit, segment of Dear Hank and John? πŸ™‚

  9. Anna Benson says:

    The most joyful content, thank you, my brain thanks you.

  10. SkyWolfAlpha says:

    well, my day has certainly been brightened by knowing that pumpkin canoe racing is a thing that exists.

  11. Mephostopheles says:

    Oh my god. _Turtles All the Way Down_ comes out in just a few days… and I don’t have the time to read it.

    John, I’m so sorry for being a busy young person. I promise I will go out and buy your book next weekend and save it for a rainy day.

  12. Jory Blake says:

    Large pumpkin man is a stud ! Probably gets all the chicks…

  13. Ethan Small says:

    Thank you hank for sharing this pure joy!

  14. marcyε”―ηΎŽ says:

    Hank issuing reassurances to John towards the end of the video :’) so pure, my heart

  15. Jess_from_TR says:

    Can someone make subtitles that give all the metric weights?

  16. Jaesah1 says:

    Current world record Cabbage is by Scott Robb, weighing 138.25lbs

  17. LittleMissMuffet620 says:

    Thought he was joking in the podcast lol

  18. Paul m says:

    about 10 years ago my dad gave some guy these “giant pumpkin seeds”. the guy grew 2 really big pumpkins, the smaller one was about 50kg, the larger they couldn’t lift onto the bathroom scales they were using. someone heard about them and stole both of them.

  19. juststeveschannel says:

    How did we not include any music from the “Song for All the Vegetables That Look Like Penises” in this video?

  20. Musiical says:

    I got some major SMS flashbacks from that thumbnail…

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