the worst fanfics i could find

the worst fanfics i could find

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40 Responses

  1. 2 Danny 2 Furious says:

    Save 33% on your first Native Deodorant Pack – normally $39, you’ll get it for $26! Click here and use my code DANNYFURIOUS #AD

  2. 1an says:

    Huge respect to Elmer Fuddinator and The Marvinator for performing to their non-existent studio audience

  3. Buggaboo says:

    I checked Wattpad since this video has gone up and the author is getting a lot of hate and really awful messages. It’s funny to laugh and enjoy the book or whatever but I don’t think it’s okay to keep sending the author hateful messages for an Elmer Fudd fanfic (of all things to message someone about😭)

    • Lampcap says:

      I swear it’s probs always like weirdo 11 year olds who barely understand Danny’s video. They are just so immature.

    • S MW says:

      To be fair. They probably haven’t gone back to the fic ever again. I’m sure they’re fine.

    • Fides Annika Balmaceda says:

      Doesnt even make sense to send hate to fanfic writers

    • Disaster, The says:

      why do people always do this? laughing about it in a video is one thing, but there’s literally no reason to go and give the author hate, all they did was write some weird fanfic, stop the presses

  4. Abby Lanning says:

    I regularly enjoy torturing my friends by searching up and sending them the worst fics I can find. I think the worst one so far was this Donald Trump/The Lorax that was both incredibly well written and also absolutely hilarious. It alternated between the funniest thing you’ve ever seen and something that made you want to peel off your retinas.

  5. Elisabeth Jordan says:

    An embarrassingly true fact about me is that my one extreme internet success is the 500 page Harry Potter fan fiction that I wrote out of pure boredom during the entirety of high school. I didn’t expect it to do well, but suddenly it blew up and continued to do so… We had a school ipad, so I just typed away all day looking as though I was diligently taking notes, but really I was just appeasing my thousands of readers that were begging for a new chapter 😳

  6. Zilba Follie says:

    Unpopular opinion, but I genuinely love fanfiction. Even if it’s bad. It’s pure expression of the things people love without any restrictions. I get that the writing is often poor because it’s often written by people who don’t know how to write very well (often young people but there are adults out there who start out later in their lives) but you have to start somewhere, right? And it’s easier to write what you know you’re passionate about as your figuring out both yourself and your style of writing.

    For example, a lot of beginning writers fall into the trap of writing characters who end up being themselves, psychologically. Writing an existing character can help you kick that habit.

    Obviously you should be ready for constructive criticism (keyword: constructive) if you’re gonna put yourself out there, but I have to appreciate what fanfiction does in the same way I can appreciate terrible drawings on Deviantart.

    (Also I know a lot of fanfiction contains fetish/kink stuff, and it’s fine if you don’t like that, but some people think they shouldn’t be allowed to write stuff like that, and I think that’s wrong. Learn to respect people’s interests and freedom of expression.)

    (I do think writing fanfiction about real life people is sus, though. Maybe don’t do that? Stick to fictional characters, please.)

    • MenacingMuse says:

      As someone who plans on writing a fanfiction of an AU for an existing work, I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve written plenty of short fanfics that were kept to myself and they genuinely helped further my writing. We all start somewhere after all lmao

  7. Rei Takizawa says:

    danny is slowly becoming a wattpad enjoyer and he’s just trying to hide it from us

  8. That's not my name says:

    Ah this brings back memories. in highschool my friends had a yearly competition where we had to fine the weirdest, most off fanfic during the end of year wrap up. the only prize was the knowledge that you had found the most awful thing they’d ever seen.

    I won every year, and it was usually a harry potter fic that did it.

    • Sage Steele says:

      @djentlover fortunately no, but i do remember the cover art. “snamione” was in the title so maybe look that up if you hate your sanity? the cover was greyscale and there was a rose involved (i think) as well as both characters faces, but honestly anything under that search term is likely to scar you so good luck 🙂

    • djentlover says:

      @Sage Steele do you remember the name and who wrote it?

    • djentlover says:

      @Sage Steele I NEED to find this! I want to test my limits 😀

    • Ashley Ginger says:

      I was WAITING to see someone bring up My Immortal😂 I think that one truly wins for being the absolute worst

    • Fuffley 8675309 says:

      The Harry Potter ones are always the worst. Did you see the one where Harry bangs mcgonnagal and she DIES from the orgasm?? Also read My Immortal if you haven’t somehow, it’s truly awful but I love it

  9. Leski Harn says:

    As someone who for some reason couldn’t stop looking at Danny’s reflection in the mirror during the ad, I appreciate that he both looked at us in the reflection and zoomed in on his reflection. 😂

  10. stefani b. says:

    The end almost had me crying. I’m sure those are two friends having a joke argument. When I was 12 many many years ago, my friend and I would do dumb stuff like this on facebook

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