The WORST kidnappers in Australia

The WORST kidnappers in Australia

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*WARNING* — Sexual content

Time Stamp:
#1 — “Roadkill” — 0:56 — A man gets out of his car to inspect a dead animal on the side of the road

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Music by: @CO.AG Music

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33 Responses

  1. Gomez1915 says:

    My father died in early February of this year. In the months leading up to his death, he used to talk to me about this really cool guy on YouTube who is a Navy SEAL who tells all these really cool stories, and he would also discuss said stories with me. Earlier this month I was looking at his YouTube history, it consisted of nothing but your videos. You brought my father such happiness in his final months. I subscribed to you a week ago, and I think I’ve watched every one of your videos. Thank you so much for your content.

  2. NOT THE GOOD GIRL says:

    So the real culprit in the satanic cult kidnapping case was purity culture. lol The irony. Poor Carolynne!

  3. Dionnnnz says:

    This adult man genuinely thought that after being assaulted, stripped, kidnapped, starved, burned, frozen, and all covered in dirt, a woman would want to have sex. Wow, I guess the only good thing is that he ironically respected and wanted her consent. wtf

    • XxLlamaBorrachaxX says:

      @Michael H Except when you are sure that a psycho killer is out there and can jump you any minute when you least expect it. If that was the case, the LAST thing I would want to be caught doing would be having sex -and I’m not saying this just because I’ve seen too many slasher flicks.

    • Alexander Leonard says:

      Ever see the garbage the incel community posts? Some dudes actually think they’re entitled to it…lol.
      Never met a chick like that…but met several who think they’re entitled to attention. Worst that happens there is you end up with a stalker.

    • XxLlamaBorrachaxX says:

      We have guys legitimately thinking that a woman can just “hold it” when on their period or that the vagina can magically neutralize sperm from unwanted intercourse. This is actually not all that surprising -_-

    • Lynn W says:

      Poor girl. It’s enough to make you swear off men forever.

    • Alexander Leonard says:

      @Doncus Doncus my “social studies” teacher was super hot in Catholic school. The irony was that I couldn’t abstain from thinking about not abstaining.
      My chemistry teacher was even hotter. Best grade I’ve ever earned because I wanted to earn the best I could in some vain attempt to impress her as a student.

  4. Donna J says:

    This was an ending to the story I never would have imagined. The fear Carolynne must have felt the entire time, the relief of making it out ok only to find out that it was her boyfriend who orchestrated it all. What a range of intense emotions she went through. The agony the families went though when they were missing is sad.

    • TINOXL says:

      smh exactly omg. i feel for her.. she had to go thru this just because she didn’t want to sleep with him. it really scary for women out here

  5. Shannya Preeya says:

    Oh yeah, subjecting a woman to bodily harm, extreme temperatures, insane anxiety and terror is absolutely the way into her pants.

  6. Andrea Palmer says:

    I always appreciate the heads up on the parental advisories. Listening to your stories has become a thing my son and I do together, whether driving to or from school or just hanging out at home. He’s even the one who introduced me your channel! So, thank you!

  7. Rosemary Symborski says:

    I would love to hear Carolyn tell this story. I cannot imagine what her thoughts were when she learned the truth! Strange people out there..

  8. Arts By Sakura says:

    I have to laugh every time I hear about the Order of Nine Angles because they’re not the brightest sparks in the fire and I am convinced that they originally meant to call themselves the Order of the Nine Angels (as in fallen angels) but they spelt it wrong and ran with it to save face.

  9. Gale Salinas says:

    Can’t tell you how much I appreciate and enjoy your channel. My 28-year-old daughter is facing leukemia for the 4th time and is currently in the hospital. Your stories are like medicine to my heart providing a bit of relief from all the stress. Thank you.

  10. Charley Dublin says:

    Wow, incredible story. I like the fact he got one year in prison for every day he held the poor girl. I also think it is great that despite all the circumstances, Carolyn didn’t budge on her principles.

    • Kardinaalilintu says:

      What do you mean “despite”?? Who the hell wants to have sex in that kind of situation? Devote christian or not, your libido is murdered the minute you think you’re in a life or death situation. On top of that she was exhausted and incredibly uncomfortable. Also; if the sleeping bag and body heat of two won’t keep you warm, having sex sounds like a really stupid solution.

    • Not_in Use says:

      or just isnt into men 😂 (or him)

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