The Worst Part of Nazi Violence in Charlottesville

The Worst Part of Nazi Violence in Charlottesville

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20 Responses

  1. Mohammad Abdul Taha says:

    Yet ANOTHER racist white terrorist piece of shit. When will the media admit that white christians are dangerous violent savages?

  2. Edward Moran says:

    TYT are far bigger Racist than some “Nazis”. TYT is a White hating hate site.

  3. bloodsoldierZ says:

    White Nationalists should give up on the white ethno-state. It’s never going to happen. Your biggest hurdle is your own people.  hahahahahahaha

  4. Matt says:

    Nazi violence? First of all they weren’t nazis. Secondly, they weren’t violent, they were having a ralley until antifa and BLM showed up and started assaulting people. Stop changing stories to fit your shit narrative.

  5. JCTiggs says:

    “I will not condemn this white supremacist march or attack since it would alienate a large portion of my base and cost me votes in the next election.” – D J Trump

  6. Chris Wave says:

    You have to ask yourself, why is it that after Trump took office (even before that), why are all these racists being embolden to just come out and be racist in the open? After decades of keeping it low-key? Do they think they have more leverage? More protection? More people that agree with them?

  7. Ashura Izumi says:

    The Alt-RIGHT showed up with Shields and batons before their hate march was to start. And then you have dickless trump not condemning the Nazis. He’ll fight with a woman on Twitter but not fight against hate.

  8. Abhishek Mahendru says:

    All republicans and their voters are terrorists in addition to being retarded. They prove it every day.

  9. タピアエドガー says:

    Racists embrace flags of defeated causes like Nazi’s or Confederacy because there are no successful examples of their hate. They fail.

  10. Billy Badass says:

    When a Muslim runs people over with a vehicle, it’s terrorism. When an American conservative runs people over with a vehicle, both sides just need to calm down.

  11. 75joev says:

    Say it Trump; White Nationalist Terrorist.

  12. Sixers JT says:

    Guys guys I’m a liberal but don’t act like you haven’t seen this before. I’m a supporter of BLM but the riots in Baltimore were similar to this. Trump WAS right (I’m not a trump supporter)
    both sides have done these things. The right needs to stop blaming
    The left and vice versa for these types of events. Politics isn’t supposed to be physical.

  13. Jessica Triplev says:

    White dudes are racist sexist hypocrites. smh

  14. NothingMaster says:

    This is exactly what you get when a racist MF like Trump is elected president. Every racist SOB feels empowered to commit acts of terrorism.

  15. Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar says:

    A an minority, who voted Democrat for the past 20 years, this is why I finally voted Republican (Trump)….When…WHEN has hypocrites such as “The Young Turks” condemned the violence committed by muslims in Europe and America….Shut the hell up…..I am a combat veteran so you have nothing on me.

  16. Molly says:

    List of things Trump has yet to call out:
    1. Putin
    2. White supremacists

  17. Katty Torres says:

    If it was Muslims, quick, real quick Trump would call them out but White Supremacy… lipped-shut. Sad!

  18. freedom1234573 says:

    Poor whitey, born on top of the heap and still cant make it

  19. Islam is cancer says:

    Antifa deserve all the violence they get.

  20. Yoda says:

    Last I checked BLM aren’t killing people with cars you alt right fuckers.

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