The Worst Reality Show of All Time

The Worst Reality Show of All Time

I highly recommend this show.

Opposite Worlds drinking game rules:
Injury –
Luke Tipple ominously says “so be it” –
Verbal complaint about the cold –
Contestant forced to climb into freezing water –
Losing the twitter popularity poll results in a punishment that is dangerous to the contestant’s health –

The video title is a pun. Did you get it

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76 Responses

  1. Flame of Udun says:

    No reality show will ever meet the lofty standards set by Charles Stile’s Mystery Diners.

    A true masterpiece. 👌

  2. FloraLuna says:

    I haven’t seen the video yet, but I wanted to say your hair looks very nice!

    • Shaun Cheah says:

      Is this the trend to finally replace “first post!”? 2018 really is shaping up to be lovely. 😊

      I, too, have not watched this video yet. But I enjoyed all the other videos (especially the Real Magic and Love Is an Open Door ones) so I would be extremely surprised if this one wasn’t extremely entertaining, too.

      (Honestly, though, even I, a boring straight dude whose fashion education extends to and not much further, am able to appreciate that those braids took a lot of effort and they do go very well with the sweater. Is that a sweater? Apparently tops and skirts and dresses so that may not be a sweater, I dunno. The thick wool-type top, the braids go very nicely with it.)

    • E T says:

      Was about to say that lol

    • TheJhtlag says:

      Gotta admit, I’m fascinated by the braids

  3. Cryptic Corrrvus says:

    Second worst, Jenny; the worst reality show of all time is

    *Edit:* Okay maybe this really is the worst one.

  4. Upchuck Downchuck says:

    I don’t remember watching this show but I remember hating Jeffrey!

  5. Leah Olds says:

    This seems like something meant to be a 90s Nickelodeon challenge show… gone very wrong

    • Leah Olds says:

      Also, the timing of the clips in this takedown is impeccable and Tipple is the last name that belongs to a children’s show host, not adult death-defying entertainment 😂

    • CaptHayfever says:

      Nickelodeon used proper safety equipment; they wouldn’t risk the hell that would rain down upon them if they injured & starved that many kids.

    • Leah Olds says:

      CaptHayfever Emphasis on “gone wrong” ;p I’d like to think of it in terms of like “I’d injure a thousand children before I let this company die” kind of thing 😂

  6. OldThinkerTube says:

    The fish heads are discarded from Luke Tipple’s marine lab. So team Epoch was eating science and that’s cheating.

  7. Upchuck Downchuck says:

    “you have been eliminated, and you have to leave right now” *claps*
    oh ok

  8. EileMonty says:

    Poor Charles

  9. xingcat says:

    The new reality show should be called Porgs ad Braids, because I’d watch the heck out of that.

  10. cahoots says:

    The producers knew what they were doing when they gave Frank access to those tomatoes

    • CorbCorbin says:

      cahoots 😂 He immediately went after the dude tied up, like he was in such a craze, thinking about pelting the defenseless person, he was deaf to the actual point of the challenge. I wonder how long it was before they realized it was t just tomato pieces running down the guy’s cheek? 😬 Frank was savage.

    • russetwolf13 says:

      CorbCorbin Frank is the best reality show contestant. All the shows plans laid to waste by one dumb, competitive beef lord.

  11. Evilkittyof doom says:

    Eat vitamin pills , you are a cutie…

  12. guy_of_steel says:

    I’ve heard of Paid Programming, but never thought I would see….

  13. Hobartthedolphinboy says:

    I was watching that first challenge thinking they were dropping into a pool or something. HOLY SHIT

  14. Yakka says:

    This would have been the BEST reality show ever if they just doubled down on what made it special: more horrific injuries

  15. The Fuzzy Dice says:

    Don’t know if this counts as a reality show but the worst show I’ve ever seen is WB’s Superstar USA.

    Essentially, they made a fake American Idol wannabe show, except they praise the horrible auditions in order to find the worst singer ever. It sounds slightly funny on paper, but the actual show is so unfunny and so bad I’d rather listen to a full William Hung album.

    The worst part of the show, however, is the finals. There’s a live audience. In order to make sure they stay composed and not let them know they’re horrible singers, the crew told the audience that the singers where mentally ill and were there because of a charitable donation.


    The people behind this show are the scum of the earth. Not to mention how painfully awkward and cringeworthy the show trying to explain to the winner that they are actually godawful at singing. Ok rant over.

    • Nino A says:

      CorbCorbin Not sure Joey Baseball is talking about Release the Hounds since it started in 2013 and is still ongoing. Joe Schmo was pretty cool though. I wish they brought it back more regularly instead of having a decade-long gap between season 2 and 3, but I guess that would defeat the point of the show. I wonder what’s going to happen to it after its network’s rebranding last month

    • Marcus Morlock says:

      The problem with Superstar USA is they didn’t commit to the concept fully. They got “relatively” normal people who were delusional about their singing ability. In the panorama bit where they showed the range of contestants, there were some straight up ‘Hills Have Eyes’ mother @#$%ers. They should have gone full mutant. Donde Esta Vitamin C.

    • Marcus Morlock says:

      Killer Karaoke , t hat was candy coated schadenfreude. candy coated schadenfreude is the name of my band now. Called it, you cant have it.

    • Christian McCord says:

      Jenny pls review this

    • Vivi says:


  16. Comrade 269 says:

    “You have been eliminated, and you have to leave right now.”
    “Thank you.”

  17. Majoofi says:

    This makes the Stanford Prison Experiment look tame.

    • adoredpariah says:

      I don’t think that’s entirely true, but i’d rather be the victim in a real Milgram experiment than watch Opposite Worlds for longer than 10 seconds… Or even Schrodinger’s theoretical cat for that matter.

    • Christian McCord says:


    • sailor_chibiusa says:

      omg yes. this lasted so much longer and way more injuries. but yeah…it definitely reminds me of a horrible psychological experiment. created by idiot teenagers.

  18. Justin Christopher says:

    Happy Hunger Games!

    • OlaftheFlashy says:

      Justin Christopher May the odd be ever in your favour – unless your show be curse by a gypsie for a thousand years.

  19. Ben says:

    Did Frank try to remove his shirt at the end and fail?

  20. Lil Snuggly Mane says:

    That player will be *”SAFELY”* hoisted up into the air

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