The WORST Steaks Served On Kitchen Nightmares

The WORST Steaks Served On Kitchen Nightmares

Unmisteakably the worst.

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90 Responses

  1. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    Good steak has left the chat

  2. Justin Y. says:

    Nino would make the best steak imaginable.

  3. CrypticCookie says:

    I friggin love Gordon Ramsey

  4. Emmpeccable Eats says:

    They ALWAYS swear the food is bomb before they serve it

    • PrezidentTrump says:

      +Tyrant Kragith The studio doesn’t tell them to act like any which way. If you’ve ever worked with a restaurant owner, as I have over many years, you realize the majority are crazy enough to open up a restaurant and upheaval their potential careers. So they’re crazy enough to open a business, if they don’t do a good job do you think they’ll suddenly say “Ok I fucked up and am half a million in debt” HELL NO, they’ll deny deny until the end.

    • trickle teeth says:

      I can’t cook and even i can cook better than some of crap they serve on this show lol

    • FutureMartian97 says:

      The producers tell them to say that

    • PrezidentTrump says:

      +FutureMartian97 The producers don’t tell them to say anything moron. They ask them what do they think of the food etc etc, and they’ll make them confident in their own failures before Ramsay walks though the door. I knew staff on the show and they told me everything you dweebs are trying to write a conspiracy around. If you don’t think people are this prideful in real life, then you obviously don’t get out enough to know. The only thing edited are jump cuts and sound effects for dramatic effect. All you people are so dumb it’s beautiful LOL.

    • Gradiantsim1080p says:

      Its called being an American.

  5. E.C.C Legend 777 says:

    *Some of these people need to be jailed for these steaks….*

  6. OwenLBBH says:

    How to get likes:
    1. Be early
    2. Make a Nino joke

  7. thisgirlthonctzen says:

    I’ve been binge watching kitchen nightmares since I discovered it 2 days ago and I don’t regret it

  8. Hi Hi says:

    *that water looks dry*

  9. Izz Skyler says:

    *Dirty Crusty Shoes*

  10. Doki Doki Literature Club is Garbage says:

    “Can you motivate yourself to keep the restaurant open?”
    “I don’t know”

    I believe the mis-steak here is that he opened up the restaurant

  11. DPadGamer says:

    “I don’t even have plastic in my kitchen” And the use of eyeballs determined that was a LIE.

  12. Bronx 1 says:

    I can’t believe they were spraying that shit on a steak.

  13. Tri Monster says:

    “I don’t even have plastic in my kitchen”
    *camera* *zooms* *in* *on* *all* *the* *plastic*

  14. Shaurya Shekhawat says:

    It’s bland , bland , bland ………

  15. Cato Malgus says:

    “Here’s your card. The Joker, how fitting is that”
    The restaurant itself is giving insults for Gordon to use

  16. Natalie Harris says:

    *I loved the waitress who was already tickled. ‘The sauce came in a dream’*

  17. Dark Heart / Akagami Lawliet says:

    07:41 that shoe is not mine.

    Did costumer die ???

  18. Elliot Eb says:

    “I don’t think I am a hoarder, it’s just hard for me to throw things away” -literally the definition of a hoarder

  19. MyUser NameThis says:

    *”I don’t even have plastic in my kitchen”*

    *Camera Man:* _Are you sure about that_

  20. DerJonn says:

    Nino would even clean the steak for you before serving it. While serving, he would show you pictures of him cleaning the steak for you.

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