The worst thing that’s ever happened to me

The worst thing that’s ever happened to me

lol december wasn’t great

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you 😀 Don’t get too stressed or you might get itchy

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53 Responses

  1. ʝ ʊ ֆ ȶ ǟ ա ɛ ɨ ʀ ɖ օ says:

    Jaiden: “Wow I’m gonna have a great time!

    Jaidens immune system: *That’s cute*

  2. The Brub says:

    Jeiden: *Time to sleep*

    Hives: *I’m gonna ruin this whole mans career*

  3. EmDaTrash says:

    I feel your pain. I get hives often, because I have a skin condition (my whole family practically has it) and yes, it comes from stress (And sunscreen). Everytime I get stressed, I start getting itchy, and getting hives.
    My mom has told me horror stories about back in elementary school, I would have claw marks on my skin from practically everything bad that would happen. Like I’m taking I would have these painful marks on my face, arms, back, legs, you name it It doesn’t help I have anxiety, and autism, and we didn’t know until I got into middle and Highschool. So I was always stressed out because I was far from the smartest, and well proforming student in class, or I was afraid of what might happened if I failed, Or what others thought of me.
    I’m better now, but I still get hives. I’ve luckily never had to be hospitalized over it, (I didn’t even know that you could be hospitalized over it before this video) but it’s probably because I’ve lived with it my entire life. But yeah, you’re right. Hives suck, and itchy is unbearable

  4. twvix says:

    in case you were still puzzled how it started: heat. Your body vastly over reacted to needing to cool off.
    I’ve had that first stage plenty of times, where it’s annoyingly itchy and just one spot. And it’s always aggravated by more heat. Turn on my fan, no blankets, nap it away. Napping reduces the stress, cool breeze keeps it from spreading. Fix’d.

    • Jorge López says:

      Yes I agree!, when I’ve had them they always appear first on warmer areas of my body like behind the knee, near the armpits, or on my back.
      What works best for me is to take a cold shower, then applying body lotion (body cream?) since hydrating the skin makes it itch less and finally napping it away.

    • RainBowFlowerPower says:

      That sounds like eczema, not hives

  5. i can totally animate says:


    Also congrats on 8m

  6. Lilyogamer E says:

    People: I have the worst allergy ever!
    Me: I’m allergic to grass… (actual fact)

  7. Kylie Powell says:

    Literally today I was playing Minecraft with some of my old friends who I don’t get to see any more and I had a terrible headache. I wanted so bad to play with them but my head hurt soooo much. I eventually asked my mom for medicine and she gave me some pills and I went to grab water and at the point I was standing in the garage and burst out in tears, quickly held them back and took my medicine, didn’t help much for quite a while and even when the medicine kicked in I could still feel it at the back of my head. Even know my headache is threatening to consume :(((((

  8. Sp1cy C0ff33 says:

    Jaden: Almost dies
    The comment section: Let’s joke about it

  9. Legofilms ! says:

    Corona virus: *Comes*
    Jaiden: Well, I hope this cures itself somehow

  10. Katherine Alexander says:

    Who else is waiting for her to make a “ari’s birthday video again”

  11. Giorno Giovanna says:

    JA: *”You’re going to ask santa for the one thing that brings you joy in life”*

    Me: Friends?

    Ja: *Ants*

    Me: oh

  12. アッシーJust Assy says:

    Jaiden: “this isnt good”
    Also Jaiden: **goes back to bed**

  13. Silent_ Anxiety says:

    Jaiden:* talks about hives*
    Me:*feels an itch all over*
    Also me:*nervous sweat*

  14. uroncha nokoe says:

    TL;DL: Mom uses diluted vinegar on my hives and it sort of relieving the itches and pains before I see the doctor.

    I remember when I had my first hive at 4am. (consume some kfc sour cream fried chicken the night before.) I don’t know what was going on. I sat on the sofa and endure it until like 6am with full body pain and itch.

    That was when my mom woke up and see me having hives. She uses vinegar mix with water to wash on my hives and we head to the local clinic to get help.

    The weird thing was the hives actually does died down and relieving my itch and pain. Guess my body starting to fight off the allergen. The doctor says I’m recovering quite nicely.

    Makes me wonder, does vinegar works as a short term solution for relieving the itch and pain until you get help?

  15. Enraged Human says:

    “Puppies… Nintendo switches… *for father to finally find milk”*

  16. Sonia’s Way says:

    “The worst thing that’s ever happened to me”
    2020 : oh Well

    (I also make videos about things)

  17. Geoj Baturiano says:

    Jaiden: I felt a little itch in my neck.

    Ari: *hives who? hives you.*

  18. Beak Life says:

    Jaiden: talks about being itchy

    My body: *so you have chosen itch*

  19. Severin Dreke says:

    Jiden: Then I went to bed

    Me: wait why is there four minutes left.…… oh no

    Jaden: Then I wanted to DIE

  20. yatemi m says:

    so imagine this invited in youtube rewind on 2019 and just dancing.

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