The Worst Things About Christmas As An Adult: Whine About It

The Worst Things About Christmas As An Adult: Whine About It

“The holidays are just a whole month where I piss away all my money to buy litter that’ll end up at the bottom of your closet for two years.”

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20 Responses

  1. jmichaelwilbanks says:

    I can tell you didn’t have to reach very far inside yourself to express
    your feelings on Christmas. This seemed like genuine, unfettered contempt.
    <3 your show and I'm raising a glass to you on Christmas, drunk, alone, and

  2. Nasreen Mazari says:

    There are 333 likes……. Idk if I should wreck it or not…

  3. Nasreen Mazari says:

    Lmao, look at After Party’s subscriptions

  4. icarusprime says:

    I love you Matt but eggnog is the best and so delicious. :D

  5. Crystal Rickard says:

    lol #Matt4Prez <3 Love how Matt's co-worker jumps when he slams his hand on
    the desk. hahaha

  6. Star Cruz says:

    I thought there was supposed to be extended footage!!!!!!

  7. Kitiara Scott says:

    “If I wanted to waste my money on garbage I’d take you out to dinner.”


  8. Juan Fernandez says:

    I wonder how proud his mother of her son:-!

  9. historybuff717 Player says:

    i looooove him, so funny.

  10. Kris Stout says:

    So true

  11. mmaribel63 says:

    I couldn’t find the “holiday shopping” video. ☹

  12. Quentin F says:

    I liked this new channel but now its infected with this.

  13. malcom mountie says:

    full of class, and it’s all low

  14. Katlikeme23 says:

    huge fan! happy holidays Matt

  15. Tristan Haas says:

    know one wants to hear you complain about Christmas!Christmas is about
    gathering family and having a good time! Most especially about Jesus’s
    birth no wonder you only have 16,000 subs your so negative

  16. Tristan Haas says:

    go to h e double hockey stick’s

  17. SlenderBender24 says:

    Jump scare 4:58

  18. JD Paul says:


  19. SteamRobot says:

    Why does he complain about his life? YOUR JOB IS GETTING DRUNK AND BITCH

  20. EmilyA1984 says:

    Really? It’s not mandatory to drink eggnog if you don’t like it, or put up
    a Christmas tree if you don’t want to, and I’m an adult, but I only give
    gifts to my immediate family. I’m not a huge fan of Christmas either, but
    it’s possible to simplify, and opt out of parts of the holiday that cause
    you more aggravation than they’re worth.