The Worst Things About Office Holiday Parties: Whine About It

The Worst Things About Office Holiday Parties: Whine About It

“Just because Santa is watching doesn’t mean he wants you grinding on things you’re not allowed to grind on the other 364 days a year.”

A weekly video series where Matt Bellassai gets drunk at his desk and complains about stuff.

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20 Responses

  1. Soren Markus says:

    Getting shot by a disgruntled employee and his wife and buddy.

  2. BryceIsAHumanToo says:

    If only I was 21…2 more years…I live for watching this guy…

  3. Kat Rat says:

    Debatable:Real vs Fake Christmas trees.

  4. crazycat lady says:

    be happy you have job!

  5. K Stearn says:

    This series always makes me so happy. Like even if I don’t relate to
    everything he says it in such a way that I feel like I was there with him
    ? and his attitude is just like mine I love him ?

  6. Stephanie Haner says:


  7. Tub Tubs says:

    Is this felix from wreck it ralph??

  8. Joseph M. says:

    I live for these series

  9. hrspry qn says:

    You are awesome.

  10. Indigo Lemon says:

    I’m waiting for one of those heads in the background to peek over during a


    This is great! ?

  12. loveforeignaccents says:

    “and then I have to be like I don’t speak English, and then…
    can’t stand when holiday parties are at the office, though, honestly.

  13. Katie Phantomhive says:

    First 10 seconds into the video.

    Adds to favorites.

  14. Olivia Draeger says:

    I love this man!

  15. Alexis Isabella says:


  16. tiffanybluebow says:

    “Now you’re just seasonal garbage” gold

  17. Maria says:

    *takes name off Christmas work party list right after watching this *

  18. ikey1555 says:

    stopped watching half way in .,.,.,there are like 300 hundred jump cuts and
    I may have a seizure

  19. xGothicBatgirlx says:

    Hey, @Buzzfeed,
    How about making a video series called “Tequila Mockingbird” where someone
    get’s drunk and talks about popular novels? I would personally want it to
    be on classic novels, but I understand it would need to be for a larger
    What do ya think? :)

  20. everysamthing says:

    Shout out to the unicorn and pizza posters in the background