The YIAY Book! (YIAY #378)

The YIAY Book! (YIAY #378)

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38 Responses

  1. Rip Guests says:

    #YIAYtime -Barack Obama-

    *_Donald Trump_*

  2. Oliver says:

    This is not the Time Magazine’s headquarters what the hell are you on

  3. DuKiP says:

    And of course *JUSTIN YOUNG* got in there why am I not surprised

  4. it's me says:

    #YIAYtime Just take Ajit Pai and put him on his head that’ll reverse the effect

  5. DuKiP says:

    #YIAYtime Ajit Pai would make for an amazing time magazine’s person of the year, I think he’s earned it with all the love he’s currently getting from us happy humans

  6. Beshkx says:

    The head of SONY for the Emoji movie#YIAYtime

  7. Greg says:

    Brad Woto, just for keeping the pewdiepie ship afloat.

  8. memes are dreams says:

    #YIAYtime anyone who inevitably writes a comment saying they should feature jacksfilms

  9. Daniel Franklin says:

    #yiaytime Erin, for putting up with you *John*

  10. ItsRehan says:


    Sike lol

  11. Nikola Viktorov says:

    #yiay me me big boy

  12. Strange Animations says:

    #yiaytime the moon,
    Because even in the darkest nights he is with me!

  13. xxItzTayxx says:

    #YIAYtime Jack’s Forehead

  14. Dayana G. says:

    Did he just say to… screencap… a book?

  15. Adam Daly says:

    #YIAYtime OBVIOUSLY Jake Paul. He is a true inspiration to young and old folks alike, but it saddens me that lots of people don’t look into the true meanings of his lyrics and therefore cannot see him as the legend he really is. Maybe it’s just because I have an IQ of 220 that I can see the time, effort and emotions poured into his songs. Maybe one day the world will see the true Jake Paul.

  16. STARLORD39 says:

    #yiaytimes Jack

    ‘S dog Klondike

  17. Light says:

    #YIAYtime one and only Kevin Spacey

    Hey that rhimed

  18. Alex Creighton says:

    this book looks shit
    You think you’re so funny
    I ain’t giving you none of my money.

    Jack Douglas person of the year for stupidest YouTube channel 😊

  19. xbob Driesestig says:

    Fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkk yyyyyyooooouuuuuuuu!!!!!
    Have an upvote!

  20. Teal is Hamilton, and overall musical trash says:


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