The Young Turks 02.02.2017

The Young Turks 02.02.2017

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20 Responses

  1. Crazy Mussolini says:


  2. Spoder Man says:


  3. Kareem says:

    2 hours of jam pack tyt crying. #GetOverItAlready

  4. Kareem says:

    Peaceful protesters again… right?

  5. tobz d says:

    do they talk about the berkeley riots at all? whats up with this 360p
    quality lmao.

  6. Daughter of Jerusalem says:

    I disliked this before watching it.

  7. Savage-American Imperialist says:

    Talk about UC Berkeley, Turds! Stop dodging leftist terrorism!

  8. Hyden Royce says:

    Our worst fears are undolding daily before our eyes.

  9. Satans Little helper says:

    TYT is FAKE NEWS watch Styxhexenhammer666 instead

  10. Spoder Man says:

    TYT is not media. They are glorified googlers who read articles they don’t
    understand and vomit it back out. DEPORT CENK!!

  11. Steven Christmas says:

    Praise Kek! The nation of Kekistan will rise once again! REEEE!

  12. Adam Chester says:


  13. Enoch Powell says:

    I love how the Left terrorizes people for disagreeing with them and somehow
    Ana finds a way to make this about right wingers hurting people that we
    disagree with, incredible. I am actually impressed with that level of self
    delusion and spin, it is amazing.

  14. gingergreek says:

    (Regards to First topic) Sorry John, but America is going to war with Iran
    and it doesn’t matter who’s in charge. It’s all part of the plan (Oil and
    banks). It’s going to happen.

  15. SuperXrunner says:

    I like how Anna pretends that the Hilary emails didn’t bother her. not to
    mention the fact that TYT gave extreme coverage on the entire Clinton email
    scandal. hypocritical much?

  16. David Davidson says:

    Leftists are mental Trump should pull their funding after seeing the video
    of the professor going bat shit insane on police arresting the terrorists

  17. Luke I says:

    I have big problem in believing anything these Arabs say…

  18. elton washington says:

    How stupid are they? ??

  19. mark nesbitt says:

    UC Berkley should have been shut down 50 yrs ago. Paid agitators are a
    liberal play

  20. darkspire91 says:

    else than 100 thousand views and on the trending page? How much did you pay
    YouTube for the spot?