The YouTube Interview with President Obama

The YouTube Interview with President Obama

Top YouTube creators Destin Sandlin, Ingrid Nilsen and Adande Thorne interview President Obama from the East Room of the White House.

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20 Responses

  1. Caleb Purvis says:

    I really enjoied this!
    I’m mostly anti-obama, however I feel this was a very good video. Obama
    spoke well. My only negative comment is that I wish he would comment on
    other presidents in a positive view (both R & D). I don’t think he spoke
    negatively per-say, however I hope we can have a president one day that has
    the courage to only speak positively of past and potential future

    Thank you Mr. President. :-)

  2. Trey Wilson says:

    I came for Destin, but this is just a snooze fest. When they show the
    videos of Obama at the start of his presidency I’m like “Damn, all that
    charm just disappeared huh?”

  3. Emily Barr says:

    I think Obama has been the best president of our generation because he
    truly is a “young” president he totally gets the majority of the younger

  4. Valeriya Myronenko says:

    Oh my god, Ingrid was awesome

  5. Jefferson Alade says:

    Obama is actually too savvy, he knows his pop culture news and really
    connects with the youth. I wish this man could stay in the presidency
    longer. #Oboozie

  6. Marie Duong says:

    I didn’t enjoy Swoozie’s interview. I felt like he was uninformed…
    generalizing a lot of the issues he mentioned.

  7. Brendino Mcsavage says:

    Swoozie! :-)

  8. Jacob Burton says:

    What happened to the rest of the interview with Ingrid Nilsen

  9. EzTaC says:

    The White House YouTube channel is certainly going in the right track!

  10. volleyballl98 says:

    Why is everyone hating on swoozie? He did good and he was probably nervous
    AF. Not everyone is good under pressure.

  11. jesse lane says:

    Why do people still want to hear what this man has to say. I mean how many
    more lies do you want to hear? Don’t ask no hard questions because he will
    start crying. smh!

  12. THE pupochek says:

    обама пидор

  13. Brian Santoyo says:


  14. ElectricTurtle says:


  15. Numberad says:

    the cringe and OMFG swoosie WTF

  16. emogirl 1604 says:

    good job swoozie

  17. • BruhitsSimone • says:

    Came for swoozie

  18. octopibingo says:

    Obama is the coolest most incompetent President ever!

  19. Jessy Alvarez says:

    i see amibos.

  20. giselleescamilla19 says:

    He is the coolest president we have and great job Ingrid!!!!