Themyscira – SNL

Themyscira – SNL

When two women (Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon) stumble upon Themyscira, they’re surprised to learn its inhabitants (Gal Gadot, Leslie Jones, Melissa Villaseñor, Heidi Gardner) are not what they expected.


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20 Responses

  1. Sara S says:

    Ok it’s like we’re in the porn but the plumber is just genuinely there to fix the pipes 😂

  2. Elizabeth Espinoza says:

    Kate McKinnon must have wrote that just so she could kiss Gal Gadot…

    Well played

  3. ectoplasmicentity says:

    So I guess Diana is not bisexual afterall, sorry Greg Rucka.

  4. Ben Wasserman says:

    I’m assuming Kate McKinnon’s ovaries exploded at least once during that kiss scene

  5. Tal Moore says:

    In the comics the Amazons are all bisexual.

  6. dgetzin says:

    “But the plumber is there to actually fix the pipes” brilliant.

  7. cabellero1120 says:

    This was So hot! I’d Love a hot kiss from her! Funny stuff!

  8. Csumbi says:

    love the kiss but the rest is painfully unfunny

  9. Juan Francisco Hernández Hernandez says:

    She play with ryan goslin’s butt and kiss gal gadot, shes the most lucky woman on earth

  10. A. Mikey B. says:

    How is Kate not friggin BEET RED IN THE FACE.

  11. Lena Karrillo says:

    Kate is living our dream 😂

  12. The_other_black_guy says:

    What is with these snl skits rotating through #1 on trending??

  13. 방민수 says:

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  14. N. Chambers says:

    That was hot, good for you Kate. Keep it up silly girl. We love you. Gal is my kind of gal, you’re beautiful, love your movies.

  15. Ben Glaser says:

    3:13 wait, what did she say?

  16. Mister Nelson says:

    I feel like Kate asked for this lol

  17. liban isak says:

    Get this bitch outta here. She can’t even speak english, let alone act…

  18. ••• •••, says:

    Nice. But I was expecting a show about Harvey Weinstein grabbing women p***y. #SpinelessSNL

  19. Alligator Andy says:

    Holy shit they made a skit not about Trump, can’t comprehend.

  20. Okay says:

    Kate got to kiss scarlett johanson too a while ago. she’s living every gay girls dream

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