Theo Von is Being Sued By “Kai the Hitchhiker”

Theo Von is Being Sued By “Kai the Hitchhiker”

Excerpt from Back From France | This Past Weekend 427
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46 Responses

    • Me Now says:

      Sue them for defamation of character Theo .

    • Ryan Doherty says:

      Theo read the amount dude what do you think the internet is gonna do, go dustin with their granddaddy’s duster from the 40’s…tryna dust up some of that booty cash, that booty pasta bruh bruh? Come on

    • Indigo Ginzo says:

      Yea he is a good hearted dude who murdered a young woman very violently and likely raped her corpse. Are you stupid or do you not know the full story behind Kai? Maybe ask your rapist hack buddies Chris D’pedophelia or Callen.

    • BRANDENN FINCH says:

      take him to court for blackmail

    • Ken Hasibar says:

      That “they” with the rag on “their” head is suing Theo Von? Seriously?!
      Tell they to f*** off. And pay Your legal fees. What an asshole.
      “They” need some humdidity in their so-called life.
      We love you, Theo! 🍻

  1. CezaMVO says:

    This situation literally justifies every single story theo has ever told. “A hitchhiker that killed someone with a hatchet, tried to sue me once” , sounds exactly like one of Theo’s stories

  2. Charles Chi says:

    Theo handled this the complete opposite of how most humans would have. He literally read that he is being sued, then lit up Kai.

  3. Not Sober Over Analyzer says:

    Theo is one of the last dudes that should ever be sued.

  4. Ihate allthethings says:

    Getting sued of being a person who got deep faked is incredibly insane

  5. TheKingdomPod says:

    Sorry you are having to go through this Theo, you the man , this shall pass , and your goodness is like a shield against this rubbish

  6. Barry B. Benson says:

    His 9 years of litigation experience comes from watching Judge Judy bruh, don’t give that man a dime

  7. Bakingsoda85 says:

    Let them take that to court that would be hilarious. The judge will throw this case out so fast if it even makes it to them.

  8. TT Toms says:

    I’d beg him to go to court. He’s got no case and would get laughed out the courtroom

    • O.D. says:

      How would he get there? If you are locked up in a criminal jail for criminal offenses, you don’t get rides to court for civil matters. Many have lost in divorce cases by default for failure to appear because they were in jail.

  9. Anthony says:

    No attorney would ever refer to themselves as a *“jailhouse lawyer”*

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