There are 2,000 New Armor Suits. (I got them all)

There are 2,000 New Armor Suits. (I got them all)

It’s 3:57am. why do I do this to myself xD

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25 Responses

  1. rekrap2 says:

    Mojang added 4 more armor trims while I made this video…

  2. Enigma_XRL says:

    I love how half of the time rek is explaining complex Minecraft mechanics like it’s common knowledge, but then you hear “ThEy GlOw?”

  3. Whistler says:

    I was hoping to see someone insane enough to take on this challenge. I’ve been saying this ever since armour trims were announced. A full museum of every armour trim on every type of armour is more impressive and requires a much bigger time sink than a full netherite beacon! I fully respect the grind! Good luck to you!

  4. Big Bub says:

    The amount of dedication he puts in these videos is insane!

  5. BlueGlobe says:

    Can we all just take a minute to think of how much dedication Rek puts in his videos to make us happy, this video would of taken so long and its well edited and he explains all of the stuff so well, thank you Rek!

  6. Big Bub says:

    I love how RekRap knows all the complex stuff in Minecraft but doesn’t know the most recent updates

  7. Thomas and Trackmaster says:

    Rek is the definition of impossible, I mean I can’t even attempt a challenge without failing 25 times lol!
    Great job man you definitely earned my sub!

  8. Simple Man says:

    Can’t imagine how actually hard these videos are to make, but I really appreciate this. Thank you for high quality content!

  9. Schupfi says:

    He finds out an insane technique for his projects after working like 3 hours on them in literally every single one of his videos (aside from Lifesteal)

  10. TBVG says:

    Dude, props for the dedication. This video is insane!

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