‘There was a lot of time I wanted to quit’: Sunisa Lee on winning gymnastics all-around gold

‘There was a lot of time I wanted to quit’: Sunisa Lee on winning gymnastics all-around gold

Sunisa Lee came to Tokyo thinking the best she might do was win an all-around Olympic silver but the youngest member of the US gymnastics team grabbed the gold after Simone Biles dropped out of the event over mental health concerns.
With Biles watching from the front row at the Ariake Gymnastics Centre, Lee won the all-around to secure the title for the US for a fifth straight Games on the final rotation – the floor exercise – for a 57.433 winning total.
Surprise package, 22-year-old Brazilian Rebeca Andrade, who had topped the rankings for the majority of the evening, took the silver for her country’s first-ever medal in women’s gymnastics and Russian Angelina Melnikova completed the podium by taking the bronze for the ROC.
Sunisa Lee steps up in Biles’s absence to win Olympic women’s gymnastics all-around

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41 Responses

  1. Kou Guy says:

    Us AMERICANS are proud of you and Team 🇺🇸

    • StillJOKES For me says:

      @Steven Roza you mean more. Can we talk about Asian Americans owning black slaves in America? But you guys claim to be oppressed? How wong is that ?

    • Jeffrey Snipes says:

      @Blue Lagoon gaslighting hate much? She didnt give a middle finger to america.
      She gave into the concept she was the goat.. had other pressures in her life and due to those. Apparently has the psychological term twisties.
      Which by all indictions forms when fear and doubt by the mind establishes without a logical cause to the persons logical senses…
      But when people point this out or criticize her and the team that maybe the best intrest was simply not placing her on the team at all.. then all sudden were being unrealistic…
      Her pressure came from indiviuals like you that uses people to promote your hate woke agenda…

    • B3B Parker says:

      A real champion ! Unlike Simone Biles

    • B3B Parker says:

      @Blue Lagoon hey Karen !! Stop the hate .

    • Steven Roza says:

      @StillJOKES For me so…..it gives you the right to be racist? You become what you hate ….and admit it no less !…..Dummy lol

  2. vyang411 says:

    Way to present USA, Hmong Americans, and Asian Americans ❤

  3. DT X says:

    Such a talented young woman. A champion.

    • Misela says:

      @Sexy Scorpio True they all are but this is her moment. Let her shine.

    • Jim Lahey says:

      @Sexy Scorpio no there’s only one champion in a individual event. Quit your participation trophy mentality

    • Noble One says:

      @Jim Lahey Why don’t you quit your toxic and prideful mentality. How many people can sit there and say I’m Olympian? Not many, every athlete who participated in this year Olympics deserves to be praised for performing during pendemic. Maybe show some empathy.

    • Jim Lahey says:

      @Noble One they get praised plenty during the TEAM events. That’s when they’re all champions. But when a individual battles hard to win. It’s about that winner only when talking about that event because only THEY did the performance themselves, not their teammates.

    • Beth Lee says:

      @Jim Lahey 👏👏

  4. Juan David Reyes says:

    I absolutely love this girl. I’m not even from the United States but I still feel so proud of her, she truly has a great future as one of the best gymnast ever!!

    • Magics says:

      When she said “I didn’t think of a medal because either way I would have been proud of myself” I hear that from most athletes and think they’re just being humble and not really telling the truth.

      I hear that from her and I actually believed it. That’s such a great attitude. She overcame a lot. Even if she didn’t medal she should be extremely proud and we should be of her too! But she did gold medal so that’s even crazier of course. Extremely well earned!

  5. Grace Lim says:

    Brave and strong like a lion, graceful like a butterfly

  6. ChenoodleSoup says:

    That medal wasn’t going home with anyone else Suni! 🙏☺️ proud of you and the team!

  7. Heidi Wong says:

    So honest and well spoken at such a young age. She has her whole life ahead of her! Best wishes Suni!

    • Selftaught Flipping Twins says:

      she seem like a reely lovely girl and a reely nice person. we fans for sure. lovely gymnastics 🥰🥰😍

    • Censor Me says:

      So we live in the matrix or what?? The premier black athlete quits and the supposed white
      Racists Asian doesn’t give up?? Is this seemingly the oddest thing going with America? Where hasnt this political ideology of division and racism infiltrated. Confused and bewildered I am and the only thing I know for a fact isI know nothing. The dichotomy is striking even among ethnic lines as were not all American Americans anymore. I am thankful this athlete didn’t give up she represents the true American spirit while others are being used to do the opposite.

    • Noble One says:

      @Censor Me None of these athletes owe anyone a medal. They all are competing in sport they love doing. If people educate themselves about gymnastics. You’ll know there’s this thing called Twisties in Gymnastics. That what Simone had. Its when gymnasts are in mid-air and lose awareness of where they are in the skill, making it difficult to land safely. The moves she does is too dangerous for her to continue competing. Where she can died possibly landing on her head, or whatever.

    • The Hound says:

      @Censor Me oh stfu

    • Zi-Qi Li says:

      Her original plan was to get gold in team final and silver in all around. But this is even better! 🎉

  8. Jan Conti says:

    Such a strong young lady. I cannot imagine the pressure she felt. I knew in my heart she could do it and she had the mental fortitude after watching the clip about how she competed while her dad had suffered a traumatic injury. So proud of her.

    • Alan T says:

      also lost an aunt and an uncle to COVID-19. Such a strong, well spoken young girl!

    • Matellena says:

      I thought the same.

    • Beth Lee says:

      @Lluvia Flores from what I read, her father was on a ladder helping a relative cut a tree/branch and he fell. Unfortunately, he became paralyzed. She and her dad are very close. She took on the responsibility of watching her younger brothers and sisters, after going to school and practice, so her mom could visit with her dad. Such a remarkable young lady, to say the least.

    • Lluvia Flores says:

      @Beth Lee Wow! Thanks for sharing this backstory. Very touching. What a tough girl! Her fam. Must be very proud of her, just as we are all and most importantly, she is proud of herself!😊👍💗

    • Beth Lee says:

      @Lluvia Flores you are welcome. 😊 Sunisa endured personal hardships and triumphed! And I agree, she has a wonderful attitude, too. Great role model for young people all over.

  9. Mallory M. says:

    Suni is a STRONG young woman. Lots of great things going for her, we are so proud. ❤️🥳🌟🥇🏆🏅

  10. Emet17 S says:

    I admire the way she carried herself through these obstacles.

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