There’s a Bit of England in New York, Literally – – Some folks might leave their heart in San Francisco, but over at Waterside Plaza in New York, there’s a much more real and physical souvenir: a part of Bristol, a port town in the south west of England, that literally makes up the foundation of a development near the East River.

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20 Responses

  1. JC Rider says:

    you are the british Tom Hanks 

  2. piggy66 says:

    god i hate this tom scott guy, what a cringing, gooey eyed, annoying little

  3. ukstevey says:


  4. DoYou Watch says:

    And lot of French things throughout the USA.

  5. Matthew Liberson says:

    Bristol? Shit dude I live like 30 minutes from Bristol

  6. riXco says:

    real life easter eggs

  7. NormaTD says:

    As a native Brit, born during WW2, I have taken great comfort from knowing
    that where I live is literally supported by old English bricks etc. One
    nice piece of trivia; Cary Grant dedicated the plaque at Waterside Plaza
    that is shown in this video. He was born in Bristol.

  8. Denise Cooney says:

    Lived in Bristol on Whiteladies Road. Never knew that..will check it out in
    NYC. Thanks

  9. Planet Prancer says:

    Thanks Tom for that fun fact 🙂 Im starting my dance across America next
    Summer in New York :)

  10. Matty21BRFC says:

    Wooo i’m from Bristol so if i go to NY and stand there am i home or away xD

  11. Aerenomar says:

    dang! he looks like brent spiner, a bit

  12. Jade Palmer says:

    I live in bristol

  13. Amazing Blaze says:

    that 50 and 60ties architecture looks way better than soviet 80
    blockbuilding for mass living… and russian retards kep saying west is
    bad, LOL

  14. Adam Singer says:

    Today I learned …this is pretty cool!

  15. TheXeeman says:

    I suffer from anxiety and when you said remember this plaque because it’s
    going to be important I am so scared that I might forget, that I will
    remember this plaque for the rest of my life

  16. mcdoublemaster1 says:

    He is the most british guy I ever seen

  17. Happy Gillmore says:

    Ok, there is one last thing to do. Sink those couple of English blocks.

  18. Ryan Holmes says:


  19. Mattias F says:

    New York city used to be called new Amsterdam when the Dutch settlers
    founded the city. There’s still a lot of Dutch history to be found in New
    York such as names like Brooklyn (Breukelen that’s a city in the
    Netherlands) Harlem (Haarlem also a city in the Netherlands). The British
    Empire surrounded New Amsterdam and eventually traded Suriname for the

  20. Rudi Leandro says:

    Why are people getting so angry about this? It’s just an interesting fact.
    If you are an American who enjoys learning, why would you be xenophobic
    enough to dismiss this interesting bit of history on the basis that it’s
    partly about Britain…