There’s more to Amanda Nunes victory over Cyborg than you realize…

There’s more to Amanda Nunes victory over Cyborg than you realize…

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Chael Sonnen breaks down Amanda Nunes vs Cris Cyborg in the upset on the year at UFC 232.

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107 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tito tapped!!!!!!!

  2. Voto Studios says:

    That’s what I’VE been saying..

  3. Kevin32001 says:


  4. RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles says:

    But the real question remains! Who wears the red panties tonight!?? :^)

  5. MemeL0rdxXxX696969 nil says:

    Just how good is valentina shevchenko?

    Edit: she lost her 1st amanda fight but to be fair she’s just had a shooting incident and her life long coach was shot. And to me and many others, she won the 2nd amanda fight.

    • Bazz KELLY says:

      Agreed, i think she won the rematch and her muai thai career was incredible, she beat Joanna J twice before she beat her for the belt in UFC.. the bullet vs amanda 3 is the next superfight is hope….

    • Andiamdrew says:

      +Martin B. GARBAGE post…. Nunes beat her twice… In the first fight Nunes dominated her the first two rounds and almost finished her… The 2nd round could’ve even been a 10-8.. She lost the third round, but at no point was she DOMINATED.

      2nd fight was very close, but Nunes did just enough to win the last round and edge the decision… Valentina barely did any damage to Nunes in two fights and never came close to having her in danger

    • abz.. says:

      Lets see how avalentina fares against Cyborg

    • Hannibal Apex says:

      MemeL0rdxXxX696969 nil want to see her get beat up again??

    • Wang Chung says:

      Meme..: Well, since she(being a legit 125 and former 115 fighter) was beating the crap out of A-MAN-da at the end of the first fight and I STILL  say she beat Nunes in the last fight, I’d say she’s the #1 P4P female.

  6. Hawk Guy says:

    She totally deserves to be in the hall of fame. She went right in there with the most feared female fighter and won. Not mention retiring Ronda to the wwe

  7. CODPIMPS4210 says:

    It was a crazy and epic moment but it wasn’t THAT big of an upset like Matt Serra or Weidman. Nunes was a CHAMP.

    • MatterUnderMind says:

      The weidman wins were overrated…he didn’t beat Silva, Silva beat himself…Serra was legit though…

    • Brad says:

      Weidman did beat Silva.  The first fight Silva was clowning around like he always does in front of his opponents,  and Chris caught him.  Second fight Chris broke Anderson’s leg with a check.  They’re both legitimate wins.  It’s fine if you’re not a fan of Weidman,  but stop trying to rewrite history.

    • J. Winston says:

      BarryBiceps aka Freddy Flapjack i must’ve missed those outlets. More power to Nunes then. The general reception i got was that it wouldn’t be a very long fight (in favor of Cyborg)

    • soakedbearrd says:

      Yeah I said the match was 50-50 and people called me nuts. Amanda was younger, had crazy power and had something to prove. Cyborg is a boss but shes getting older and she was going in there with a banger and fellow champ.

    • Daniel VelMartin says:

      Corrie Sanders x Wladimir Klitscko > UFC upsets

  8. Crowbar. 27 says:

    Now dingleberry rogan will say dude she could beat 90 percent of the middleweight division, congrats on the double champ Nunes

  9. Ricky VanDusen says:

    Jones will get the most attention but this is my highlight.

    • Bankai SSGSS Gear 5 SageMode Pan says:

      +Ku Ku Klock my bad i know I’m late and of course I used Google and I’ve come to the conclusion of witch craft is at play

    • Bankai SSGSS Gear 5 SageMode Pan says:

      +Darran Kern was he ever tested by the state/3rd party or is this a UFC/government plot considering the idea of a half life it seems that if he is guilty it’s a smarter way of cheating (which is fucked up) but the only defense I have for Jon is that his body isn’t no where as jacked as before…which isn’t much or a defense

    • Darran Kern says:

      Bankai SSGSS Gear 5 SageMode Pan
      I dunno but its USADA that does the testing. Las Vegas’ Athletic Commission wouldn’t let Jones fight in Vegas after the positive test. Hence why they moved the whole fight to California. The California Athletic Comission is a corrupt bullshit clown show so they let Jones fight

    • Brad says:

      Unfortunately he will.  A confirmed cheat will get all the headlines.  Sad.

    • Bankai SSGSS Gear 5 SageMode Pan says:

      +Darran Kern damn I think they should do a random sweep of every fighter and remove them cause their are a lot of fighters who have and are currently cheating bluntly and that’s due to alot steroids not being now and from the past

  10. RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles says:

    Chael “I’m Actually Filming A Porno After This Vlog” Sonnen! :^)

  11. Bruno C. says:

    Tony Ferguson the kind of guy to introduce Bruce Buffer.

  12. Adrian Louw says:

    Amanda did to Cyborg what she did to Rousey, and what she couldn’t do to Valentina Shevchenko…just shows how good Valentina is for her size…

    • Josh Rubin says:

      Adrian Louw And valentina couldnt do to joanna what rose did to her. So does that make rose the goat?

    • Jonathan Rose says:

      +Josh Rubin Rose could end up as the unquestionable 115 lb GOAT depending on what happens from here on out. Obviously she beat the previous unquestioned GOAT Joanna twice, but some people need to see her defend as much, if not more than Joanna before they call her the GOAT.

    • walking stain says:

      Adrian Louw valentina is definitely skilled but cmon… if shevchenko came out with that reckless style that cyborg showed last night, she’d get bullied and dismantled by nunes

    • Wang Chung says:

      Adrian.: Yep. Bullet was beating Nunes up at the end of the first fight. She lost a SPLIT DECISION in the second fight but the majority of us thought she beat A-MAN-da  3-2. This from a fighter who is at least 1 weight division below Nunes(Nunes started at 145 and Bullet used to fight 115). So I’d say Valentina is, at the very least, the female P4P queen.

    • Viktor Cheng says:

      Cat Zingano beats Nunes, and Megan Anderson beats Cat by her big toe.

  13. dynamitehopper says:

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that goes on youtube and type a “Tony Ferguson is the type of guy” comment but says something positive to try to get more fan support

  14. Dwayne Davis says:

    My man Chael wastes no time I respect the quick upload.

  15. Pure Hell says:

    Chael “won’t miss a beat and WILL make a video in the hotel room right after the fight.” P Sonnen

  16. Dana's Son says:

    ⁉️Makes you wonder… Just how good is Megans toe⁉️

  17. BmoreBirds22 says:

    Where does kevin Lee fit in all of this?

  18. Tyler Harris says:

    Didn’t surprise me at all shes had better competition over the last few years and beat them all. I think the most surprising thing is HOW she beat cyborg.

  19. BigDH28 says:

    Super impressed by Nunes! She’s got that cannon right hand! ? Hespect! ✊️

    • marini11 says:

      If the H is silent shouldn’t it be Gespect?

    • Majin Drew says:

      I wonder if i could take a shot from her? They look so crisp and stinging. Ive done a miniscule amount of sparring(i would have something to compare to), but she seems like she is throwing unisex heat.
      -and i meam just one, if she tee’d off on me I’d drop quicker than Cyborg, no doubt.

    • Stone Cold says:

      You are so right… but what makes her right hand so impressive to me, is that she fights in the orthodox stance, so she has to throw it across her body.

  20. No Lackin says:

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to poke his own eye and give his opponent 5 minutes to recover

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