There’s Something About Amy (Part 3)

There’s Something About Amy (Part 3)


Amy Rose thought her transformation was going to be the catalyst for a whirlwind romance with Sonic the Hedgehog. But, she let her Sonic mania get the better of her, which resulted in a Sonic vs Amy showdown. So, it doesn’t look like Sonic and Amy will ever be a thing now. In lieu of the opportunity to now call herself Mrs. Sonic Hedgehog, Amy is turning to the one person she knows will help her in her time of need: Miles Tails Prower.

After making Sonic boom, Tails is well aware that Amy needs some guidance… and a shovel. After all, what are friends for? So, off to the woods they go to try and salvage this Sonic exe situation. But, it’s here where Amy learns of the truth about this Sonic origins story. Or, truthfully, this Tails origin story. To the two-tailed fox, this has just been one big Sonic game. One big game with his best friends.

Produced by Tom Jenkins and Ben Michael
Written by Jason Dewey and Ben Michael

Pre Production by Ben “Wonchop” Smallman

Rough Animation by Esau “LDranzer” A. Munoz (, Liam McKeown, Wonchop, BillyBCreations (

Clean up by Rae (, Jenny Polden (, BillyBCreations, Wonchop, Liam McKeown, Claire MacKenzie (

Colour by Spirited, LDranzer, Billy, Jenny, Ramona, Wonchop, Claire MacKenzie,

Backgrounds by Eric Oleander ( and Jenny Polden (,

Lighting and Compositing by Liam McKeown

Voice of Amy & Tails by Eileen ‘EileMonty’ Montgomery
Voice of Sonic by Blake Swift

Edit and Sound Design by Jason Alan Dewey
Mix and Music Composed by Alex Walker Smith


Secret History of Sonic & Tails

There’s Something About Amy (Part 1)

There’s Something About Amy (Part 2)

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26 Responses

  1. mashed says:

    We have two very important things to tell you…

    1) Mashed has There’s Something About Amy merch!

    2) Amy & Tails will be back, but not for at least a MEDIUM length of time. With that in mind… WILD SPECULATION TIME! What do you think Amy and Tails are going to do next?

    • exe the hedgehog says:

      So what sonic we be dubbed the real sonic is it mulitveres hero sonic form ur mulitveres series?

    • Crimson Crusader says:

      @ZachFTWAnimsMaster22-23 YTSticknodesAnimator ツ I don’t know, maybe that’s where he’s been this whole time, he decided to loose his weight and discovered the power of the multiverse, or maybe it’s another Secret History Tails that did get to keep his Sonic and he’s being used by the Fat Secret History Tails to create the perfect Sonic friend group.

    • Xaiver Universe says:

      in amy has done something terrible i came to the conclusion that that tails isnt tails i quote 3 days ago i said “My theory is tails may be taking on some type of kiddy form beofore he turns into the mashed tails because amy did techincally foil tails plans to hurt anyone else and they even said “Nobody after the incicdent has seen tails” and i guess hes come back for revenge and maybe thats why we never see shadow or requital from sonic exe 3.0 i cant wait to see”.

    • los dos maicraftianos says:

      Una pregunta Sonic sigue vivo es que nosé ingles

    • STARS Member 777 says:

      The secret history tails was giving some Batman who laughs vibe, amazing episode can’t wait for the next chapter

  2. Tails And Sonic Pals says:

    Props to EileMonty for an amazing performance

  3. Lennester says:

    This series is getting soooo good I’m loving the twisted use of the sonic characters I legit can’t wait to see chapter 2

  4. Maribel says:

    I never thought I would see his previous animation here again. It was a VERY good plot twist. This whole story is fantastic. Good animation, good voice acting, and that twist? I’m still open-mouthed.
    Thanks for doing this, I’m excited to see what’s next!

  5. Yeah_man20 says:

    Seeing Secret History Tails was a twist we didn’t expect but, I gotta say, that build up to Tails’ reveal was great!

  6. The Wii says:

    This will probably will be one of the best “series” if we say it like that, of Mashed.

  7. Resetti says:

    This series is honestly INSANE seeing as how this version of Tails is one of the more well known characters of Mashed, the reveal for psychotic Tails was so damn good and masterfully done, bringing him back was genius. Amy is just too desperate to give up on Sonic and I honestly felt massive dread when she spared Tails and probably even thought of him as her friend again.

    I wonder what Tails have planned for Amy now, seeing as he is batshit insane leads me to think it will be something absolutely crazy, or who knows, maybe he really wants to help, after all, what are friends for?

    • Joelcio Felix says:

      @TheUltimatePugtato He Died from the explosion on first part probably

    • TheUltimatePugtato says:

      How many tails are there? Also we saw tails head buried. I don’t understand

    • Andrew Mcloughlin says:

      @Brian Lee i have no clue i meant maybe we might be seeing other characters forming a squad from other videos such as the jojo shadow

    • Hanz Demetri Lipardo says:

      “You’re not crazy….. YOU’RE BATSHIT INSANE!” – Possibly an Alternative Timeline Sonic.

      We still need a sequel for the other Sonic stuff on this channel. Like more precisely, the one where Sonic gets sucked into a portal and ends up exploring the multiverse.

    • Brian Lee says:

      @Andrew Mcloughlin, so that means he in one of the Fnf cover got shown that word We are Everywhere, that means he will always appear?

  8. Kjcpeace18 says:

    This is absolutely amazing the way you connected Secret History Tails to this series is pure genius. I really wonder why exactly Secret History Tails came to a different dimension in the first place. Super excited to find out!!😆😱

  9. TheMamaMiaGuy says:

    This is going to wind up having a similar scenario to Five Nights at Freddy’s. It starts simple but then becomes incomprehensible in lore. Great work for making a video that became number 5 in trending!

  10. Jorge Vazquez says:

    4:54 the pure emotion in this one line has me floored. The voice actor did amazing!

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