There’s Something About Amy

There’s Something About Amy

Sonic and Amy Rose have been a will-they-won’t-they type deal forever… but only in poor Amy’s head. All the girl wants is for the boy she likes to notice her, so she’s turned to a friend for advice. Naturally. It’s just a shame that friend is Tails.

Watch Sonic the Hedgehog turn down the advances of a young woman in our latest cartoon… and also make sure to never use any of Miles’ advice in your own life. That fox is messed up…

Produced by Tom Jenkins and Ben Michael
Written by Jason Dewey and Ben Michael
Pre-Production and Animatic by Ben “Wonchop” Smallman
Rough Animation by Ben “Wonchop” Smallman, BillyBCreations (, Claire MacKenzie and Liam
Clean Up by Ben “Wonchop” Smallman, BillyBCreations, Claire MacKenzie, Tim Bender ( and Liam McKeown
Colour by Ben “Wonchop” Smallman, BillyBCreations, Claire MacKenzie, Tim Bender and Liam McKeown
Backgrounds by Jenny Polden (
Additional Backgrounds by Isa Gross

Voice of Amy & Tails by Eileen ‘Eilemonty’ Montgomery
Voice of Sonic and Knuckles by Blake Swift
Edit and Sound Design by Jason Dewey
Additional SFX, Mix and Music Composed by Alex Walker Smith

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33 Responses

  1. mashed says:

    Happy Sonic Appreciation Day, everyone! I hope you wore a fancy hat 🎩

  2. Demonic Seroto says:

    Mashed never disappoints with the sonic content. Let’s greenlight 30 episodes of this!

  3. SuperWorldJumper says:

    Tails always seems the most interesting and funny when he’s not the perfectly innocent kid that he is in the cartoons. Whether he’s addicted to drugs (Sonic and Knuckles Show), is going through an existential crisis (The Sonic and Shadow Show), or is absolutely psychotic, it never ceases to put a smile on my face.

  4. Techno Otaku says:

    This feels so canon that it hurts, I unironically feel Sonic and Amy’s relationship would work out in several possible timelines– still to know that it’s a back and forth between the two for like 20ish years it does get to you that they may truly never be a thing.

    Awesome animation as always, Mashed, but dang right in the feels

    • Techno Otaku says:

      @supervideomanic2 yea Henry kinda did a good explaination on the age gap, it’d be TOO weird if they were many ages apart, but their dynamic no matter the forms of media they take on (Sonic Boom, Sonic Comics, and ect.)

      I just find it pretty balanced, and at times hilarious when you take away the small spats as potential lovers would have sometimes

    • Henry Cervantes says:

      @supervideomanic2 yeah actually, we know that Sonic is 15 and Amy is 12, Generations is the only clue we get with time passing and them getting older, though only by one year and that doesn’t make it better, and no i’m not counting their modern redesigns as them being “older” in my opinion i just think the whole age thing is wank, but looking at how Sega keeps sources that say these numbers, it just wouldn’t work comfortably and i think Sonic knows this…

    • C-64 says:

      Sonic boom has a great portrayal of amy

    • Kyle Williams says:

      Sonic doesn’t have the emotional strength to flat out reject Amy due to how strong she comes off, so he instead awkwardly ignores her and by extension strings her along.

    • DN_Speedrunner says:

      @supervideomanic2 🤨

  5. Taylor White says:

    The fact I have no idea what Tails end game is here honestly makes me super invested in this version of Tails. Dude’s an overrall underappreciated character as a whole. Literally as intelligent as Dr. Robotnik who, by the way, managed to commit genocide by himself, plus Tails has physical capabilities far greater to boot, AND he can fly without mechanical aid. Like, real talk, Tails is probably canonically the character with the absolute most potential. I wouldn’t even put it past him to be able to fight a super version of Sonic/Shadow with some highly thought out invention.

  6. Xavior says:

    This animation is fantastic. The writing and interactions are cute, fun , and hilarious. What I love about this video in particular it doesn’t do the whole “Amy being a creepy stalker that will kill anyone that even looks are Sonic” route that most other parodies including the character does. While this still points it out, it’s in a more comedic fashion and not necessarily a insult to the character which is something I appreciate! This got good laughs outta me, and I can’t wait for Part 2

    Kudos are everyone involved in this parody!

  7. Thomas Blue says:

    This is relatable and hilarious. Might end up in a horrifying direction but the fact the voice acting is so consistent to the actual VA’s for the most part is really funny.

  8. Ryuzaki 117 says:

    Man, I can’t wait for the next part, Amy was so adorable, Tails became scarier the longer the episode went, and Knuckles laughing in the background was great. Not to mention the animation and voice acting, awesome as always 😀

  9. Jello Squid says:

    Tails is the ultimate male manipulator lmao

  10. Sponge Man says:

    It sure is refreshing seeing a Sonic cartoon that isn’t demonetize material.

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