There’s SOMETHING in the stars!

There’s SOMETHING in the stars!

WE’RE GOING TO SPACE! The #ML2020 will start on 21 June, with the Qualifying on 18 June and the Friendly Round on 19 June!

After nearly a year of anticipation, the 2020 Marble League, sponsored by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, is almost here!

Sixteen teams will compete for the gold in sixteen athletic events that challenge their prowess in speed, endurance, accuracy, perseverance, and more! The team with the most points at the end of the tournament will be the champions of the season!

The Marble League is the new name for the MarbleLympics. Apart from the name, everything stays the same!


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Music: Minos Fylaktos
Editing: Mellacus
Branding: Pim Leurs

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86 Responses

  1. Jacob Partington says:

    Finally! An event that hasn’t been cancelled!

  2. darklightimages says:

    We Savage Speeders are qualifying this year. That’s going to be interesting

  3. Jiddy12345 says:

    Can’t wait to see how well the marble Adam Driver does.

  4. Przeme says:

    I can only say one thing: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  5. tktru says:

    Who’s here after watching Last Week Tonight’s newest video?

  6. Adeline Rose says:

    Came here from John Oliver.

    Staying for the marbles!

    • James Murray says:

      JohanvandeWouw Agreed.

    • crimson90 says:

      I’m glad Marble League is reaching a larger audience, bit boy! does John Oliver annoy me something fierce!

    • J A says:

      Same here..and I’m hooked.

    • Miss Michelle says:

      @Darth Bossk The voice of sanity in an insane world!

    • William Damico says:

      Been a subscriber for roughly 2 years. When I logged into YouTube today I was excited to see both a new LastWeek video and a new Jelle’s video and wasn’t sure which to watch first. I made the right choice. Speaking as an uncle of someone with autism, I find Jelle’s story quite inspiring.

  7. aaron paul says:

    The greatest crossover the world will ever know

  8. Jera T. says:

    John Oliver fan coming in, whohoo! I didn’t know I wanted this sport in my life, but now I know that it exists, I will be there baby! 😎🎉

    • Mathew Urias says:

      It’s sooo nice to start seeing new fans!!! I definitely recommend seeing 2019 marble league qualifiers to see most of the teams and make sure to the 2019 marble league events right after! Hopefully you find a team 👍

    • Vlad Mordred says:

      @Mathew Urias Honestly I feel like the 2017 Marblelympics are better.

    • Mathew Urias says:

      Vlad Mordred that’s cool as well. I just think 2019 is best to start with cuz the qualifiers for 2019 are gonna be same for 2020 and it shows more teams as well.

    • Exhausted Elox says:

      Take some time to watch last year’s events or Marbula One so you can make an informed team choice.


    • Julian's Marble Zone says:

      I’ve been here since 2018 when he had the old channel

  9. ElementTDG says:

    Oh this is gonna be good. Should get an Adam Driver marble lol

    If he’s cool with it ofc.

  10. Heidy Blalack says:

    I just want to say I’ve been watching the marble racing for 3 years and have shared it with friends. But I’m super excited that “Last week tonight ” is now sponsoring it.

  11. SpardaDVLKing3 says:

    This is it folks. The peak of human ingenuity.

  12. LavLightKnight says:

    I’ve seen a few of these videos posted around the Internet uncredited, has no idea it was a huge channel till John Oliver pointed me this way

  13. Miblemints Gaming says:

    The amount of John Oliver fans arriving for this year is insane. Congrats on the channel growth. Also as a side note, LIMERS BETTER WIN OR DO SOMETHING WELL OR IM GONNA CRY! lol

    • Romeo Red says:

      Savage Speeders will happily soak up your tears and take your points! 🙂

    • Guille T. says:

      As a limers fan, I’ve kind of become numb to their crashing and burning.

    • Jorgen Kremer says:

      Prepare to cry! #HAZEAMAZE All jokes aside, I’d love for the Limers to do good this time around. Everybody loves a great underdog story.

    • MrStradia says:

      Same here with the RR. I mean if it weren’t for the Marblelympics last year, I would be devastated.

    • neiana says:

      You know most of the Oliver fans will pick the same team, which will ruin the balance and cause Marble fans to be as toxic as wrestling fans, weebs, and kpoppers…

  14. JSG 2005 says:

    June 22: Jelles Marble Runs reaches 1 million subs!

  15. Larax Rammelkammer says:

    The Internet is the best thing ever …

  16. Adam Curtis says:

    Jelle! Congrats!!

    And maybe instead of “Where’s Roldo” for an event or two you could have “Where’s Adam Driver?”

  17. ceezus says:

    Happy to see all the people saying John Oliver sent them here. You’re about to see the greatness that is marble racing.

    • Crystal Meth says:

      I am so excited. It’s an amazing concept plus me and my friends have some hefty money riding on these balls. This is so awesome 💕

    • Gateaux Q says:

      Meets the greatness that is Last Week Tonight fans being weaponized! Move over MLB, puss off NFL-Marble League comin through!

    • suprehmo14 says:

      I watched for the last 6 month. Some more new content with the best sponsor possible. This is going to be amazing

    • Tahtahme's Diary says:

      I’m ready for this Jelle!

    • ree ee says:

      Yeah totally the thing we have loved for years is really getting out there.

  18. Mau ro says:

    John Oliver was not wrong. This IS AMAZING!!

  19. Klat Er says:

    Last week tonight and Jelle’s Marbles. I’m either dreaming or I’ve lost my marbles

  20. Carlos Roura says:

    I’m having the opposite effect to most people here:
    I did not know who John Oliver was since I don’t live in an English-speaking country, but after seeing so many commentaries I searched for him and I find his humor to be quite good

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