‘There’s validity’ in Kobe saying Shaq would be GOAT if he stayed in shape — Skip | NBA | UNDISPUTED

‘There’s validity’ in Kobe saying Shaq would be GOAT if he stayed in shape — Skip | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Kobe Bryant recently made comments that he would’ve had 12 championships if Shaq worked out harder, also including saying he would’ve been the GOAT. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to his statement and explain why Kobe is right.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

‘There’s validity’ in Kobe saying Shaq would be GOAT if he stayed in shape — Skip | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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88 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Are Kobe and Shaq the best duo in NBA history?

  2. Keandre' Sutton says:

    Damn LeBron get brought up in every segment lmao

    • JW says:

      @Benjamin Franklin I shouldn’t have tried to discredit MJs accomplishments, it was stupid. Personally, I just don’t see how anyone can hate LBJ. I understand the fanboying can be annoying, but looking past all that, the dude really is incredible. Hes lived up to insane expectations and overcome a lot, watching people constantly hate on the man is just frustrating.

    • H. Maldonado says:

      Chris Mog LeBron is not the ?

    • Jacob Loving says:

      I bet he pays for air time.

    • Russell Johnson says:

      Justice Williams lol bron ain’t the goat

    • Nick Ducati says:

      lbj has set a bar, as have several all-timers; this, he (and they) will often be referenced.

      not building rockets here.

  3. Michael Madrid says:

    “the more Shaq won, the more Shaq ate…which was hard to watch ” ???

  4. Loc T says:


    Shaq underachieved and underperformed. Not to the standards of NBA but to his own potential. He did all that while being lazy. If he had half of Kobe’s work ethics there would be no fking doubt that:
    1) They would have won at least 2 more chips
    2) Shaq would be GOAT of big men of not GOAT
    3) There wouldn’t even be a discussion if Shaq carried Kobe

    • AgentJ2007 says:

      Loc T have to agree. Right now, he’s one of the greatest big man not the greatest. Had he have Kobe’s work ethic, there’s no question he would be the greatest big man of all time might be even the GOAT !

    • mad dog says:

      @Loc T in todays NBA if you keep giving the ball to Shaq for 2 points all the time they would come up short..in Todays NBA it has to be alot of 3 pointers win.and Shaq at the line sucked.

    • Mannie Supa Sport says:

      How could Shaq carry Kobe but couldn’t carry Penny Hardaway?

  5. Truth hurts Souls says:

    I’m a Kobe Stan but Shannon was right, if shaq has Kobe work ethic Kobe would have left the lakers, that’s a fact, Kobe needed to be top dog solo,it was in his blood, but I could see them winning 6 then separating.

    • Johnny Patrick says:

      @Tonio5100 oh I watched every game..the feuds with the kings..how they came on the trailblazers in 2000 to get that first title. You’re just a child pretending and it sounds like you dont know any better.

    • Tonio5100 says:

      @Johnny Patrick Nah I think you the one trying to sound like you watched when you really didn’t that’s why you didn’t drop any facts to backup your claims about Shaq showing up because I noticed you didn’t mention his play vs Detroit tho ???

    • S Wavey says:

      Tonio5100 thank you??‍♂️these casual fans won’t get that even after you explain it to them, Kobe carried shaq in the west when he needed too, why are they known as the greatest duo of all time if Kobe was carried all the time???‍♂️

  6. Dj ish says:

    Also Kobe did regularly drop 40 with shaq there and 50 at times I see the 81 point game was coming regardless especially a game shaq was hurt or fouled at early Kobe was just that good

    • Frank Sutton says:

      No 81 wouldn’t happened. Before Shaq fouls out he’s scoring at least 30. And with Shaq still there it’s different team no Lamar Oden. No Andrew Bynum. No teammates just standing around watching Kobe, in fact, they would’ve put better players around Shaq. So Kobe wouldn’t have to work so hard so– no need for 81

    • Dj ish says:

      Frank Sutton he had 56 in 3 quarters with shaq there he could easily get it when the team was more centered around him and ppl always stood around to watch Kobe all his teammates said he was amazing to watch

    • Dj ish says:

      Kristion bruh you never watched Kobe I can tell you just said he was a regular season guy did you watch any playoff series in his career

  7. Curt Purdy says:

    Shaq was a man amongst boys he used to just physically dunk on dudes and they couldn’t do ish about it

  8. Moshé X says:

    If they stayed together and Shaq was more disciplined I still believe that the reigns would’ve been passed to Kobe eventually. If they won 6 together Kobe would’ve had at least two Final MVPs. He probably wouldn’t have won a regular season MVP tho

    • Nate says:

      Shaq wasn’t the one that needed discipline, even Phil Jackson said this.

    • Moshé X says:

      Nate Was Phil speaking in regards to his diet/conditioning?

    • Huncho Hendrix says:

      Moshé X man I wish Lebron had a team where he was the 2nd best player…he would have 10 rings by now

    • Samurai Jack says:

      Right. I think say they could’ve won 6 (maybe more), the second half (3) would be Kobe FMVPs. Kobe was killing early on but what’s not talked about and crazy to say is that wasn’t even his peak prime yet even though he put up those kinds of numbers at that young age.

    • Entrepreneurmind 2019 says:

      Yeah, because no matter how much in shape you are, father time is undefeated. Kobe was entering his prime, while Shaq was getting older, and his decline showed a bit in Miami, due to age. Crazy part of all this, Kobe won those titles when he was 25, 26, and 27, so while Shaq was aging Kobe waa still in his best prime years and still with prime years left.

  9. Adam Leon says:

    Kobe and Shaq were both alphas. they would have split eventually.
    7-8 rings together at most. And if Shaq had the work ethic like kobe said.. Shaq would have all FMVPs too

    • The Gamer Next House says:

      @wornoutshoes11 boy you are merely basing on physique and body conditioning, with kobe on the court shaq became the most dominant force in the league

    • Round Robin says:

      ALPHAS are overrated. Shaq and Kobe proved it. By this, I mean, pettiness was more important than winning to them. I am shocked they won three rings, TBH. They should have put aside the pettiness and focused more on the TEAM. They would have won at least 1-2 more.

    • Rocky says:

      Shaq won all FMVP cuz he was in his prime… Kobe was only 21,22,23 lmaoooo

  10. abelucious says:

    Shaq was like , titles ? give me my damn burger .

  11. David Martin says:

    How can you not love Shannon Sharpe man ??‍♂️

  12. StephanLamar81 says:

    “If you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready” Shannon out here quoting the great Suga Free ?????????

  13. Hxnock says:

    Shaq is underrated because of his size. His potential was really seen in Orlando when he was running the fast break by his damn self

    • Realest1979 says:

      @hxnock Right. I’m a big time Bulls fan. I used to hate seeing us going up against Shaq and Penny. Shaq was a mf gangsta

    • Dean Bryant says:

      That’s what I’m talking about, the Orlando Magic’s version is Shaw was a monster. Nobody could stop him.

  14. Bernard Puller says:

    Why is everyone focusing on the 12 rings? That was a obvious exaggeration

  15. Lynette Farmer says:

    I think Joel Embid will have the same issue, if he doesn’t keep up the new diet

    • Lynette Farmer says:

      JASON SeAY true, but he has to improve his conditioning

    • Lynette Farmer says:

      Brandon Rocha agreed, just imagine if Embid was in shape. No one would be able to do anything with him!

    • Lynette Farmer says:

      Rex Scipio I was comparing their conditioning… not their skills

    • Lynette Farmer says:

      Lloyd Christmas comparing conditioning not skills

    • Round Robin says:

      Please do not ever mention Embiid in the same breath as any of the greats….much less SHAQ. That is BLASPHEMY. I don’t care if it IS about eating cheeseburgers. Embiid will turn out to be a bust over the course of his career, due to injuries. BTW, he will get injured THIS coming season and will miss lengthy time.

  16. Jewel Clark says:

    Improvement at ft line would’ve helped as well,Kobe is 100% correct

  17. J.Ithegamer says:

    Stephen a smith said the shag would eat a big Mack before practice and Kobe walk in the training room like bruh ??????

  18. Brooks Orlando says:

    There was a period from 1999-2002 (after MJ and before Kobe/Duncan) where Shaq was the best player in NBA. I’m 30 now, so that was my hayday. He was also a notoriously lazy worker and had a bad diet. Kobe has a point here

  19. Jameson Craig says:

    Shaq could’ve played in the NFL as an entire Offensive Line

  20. Tyler Lufkin says:

    If Shaq had Kobe’s work ethic, with Steph Curry’s Jumpshot, Vince Carter’s athleticism, Alex Rodriguez’s steroids, Mike Tyson’s lisp, Joe Rogan’s turning sidekick, and Jalen Rose’s hairline, they woulda won at least 37 rings

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