These are beauty products???

These are beauty products???

This seems like a bad idea. Let’s do it!

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Intro and additional music by Harry Foster

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49 Responses

  1. Elijah Pierce Lavin says:

    I love how it is always the unspoken rule that Arin is always the test subject and Dan just has a blast putting him through the ringer

  2. Chaugmar says:

    In retrospect, Arin’s link between the terms “metrosexual” and “yaassified” should not have been surprising, and yet, my mind is blown.

    • Surble Chev says:

      Except neither of those are things, & it’s all simply skin/beauty care

      Nothing really “sexual” about it

    • HeartAche says:

      I mean. No one ever said metrosexual was a good term but that was basically all it was.

    • toni says:

      What the hell is metrosexual 😭😭

    • YumYum's Unkie says:

      @toni it’s an old term (and not a good one) to describe a “masculine” person who does “feminine” things like skin care and caring about their hair and clothes/how they present themselves. Prime example is the guy who went to prison for tax fraud, Christly.

    • Nikolas Bryant says:

      @toni They’re dandies.

  3. Cosmic_girl127 says:

    Arin slowly becoming a caveman who got into their mothers makeup bag is just what I wanted to see today 😂

  4. UntamableOkay says:

    Not everyone can pull off giant plastic lips but arin does

  5. DragonSlayer100 says:

    I’m so happy you guys are real and not figments of my imagination.

  6. Michelle says:

    Watching Arin slowly evolve into yassified Leatherface was an unexpected way to start the week.

    • Rachel Suarez says:

      After watching TCM gameplays, I couldn’t not see this as well. Arin best Bubba

    • Michelle says:

      @Rachel Suarez I’m glad it wasn’t just me

    • trouty606 says:

      I wrote this same sentiment almost verbatim, posted it, then scrolled down and saw you already said the same thing so I deleted mine. It’s uncanny!

    • Michelle says:

      @trouty606 Have you also been watching endless TCM gameplay? Because I think that’s why it was so fresh in my mind!

    • DigitalScott says:

      I love the description of “yassified Leatherface” because it’s so absurd yet so correct.

  7. someone idk says:

    Team in Game Grumps ran out of ideas for the dinosaurs, so they attempted to make Dan and Arin apologize formally to inanimate objects. Absolutely genius 💯

    • Zach Chernitzer says:

      They should have serialized them leaving as a subplot and had a brief bit of their adventures at the beginnings of the next few episodes, leading up to Dan & Arin wanting them to come back

    • Brayden Chadwick says:

      I read this before I heard them read the letter and it makes sense, they had 3 or 4 out of office vids and didn’t even bring the Dinos. Upsetting. I’d leave too

  8. Angela Bryant says:

    Arin’s just becoming a Lovecraftian monster with each and every beauty product.

  9. BRJALADUR says:

    “You look like a freshly caught Trout” had me on the floor

  10. Enigma says:

    I just want to put it out there that my mom has watched every single Power Hour with me, and she thinks that both of you are hilarious.

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