“These are Putin’s sanctions”: Understanding the economic sanctions against Russia

“These are Putin’s sanctions”: Understanding the economic sanctions against Russia

The world has responded to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with crippling sanctions that are damaging the Russian economy. Sharyn Alfonsi reports.

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38 Responses

  1. thomas aquinas says:

    It’s sad to see an entire nation suffer for the decisions of a select few. But such is history. The sanctions were bold and necessary. I salute the president and other nations that assisted in this. Now, we must remember that things like oil prices and inflation preceded these sanctions, so the proper sanctions should not improperly be used as a cover story for inflation, too.

  2. De Armas says:

    “Our goal is to make sure that Putin’s actions are remembered as a strategic failure. THAT is within our control. Full stop.”


  3. Aron Novak says:

    These are not sanctions. It is just a special financial operation.

  4. Tiff Tiff❤️ says:

    After nearly seven thousand years of human history the dude just redefined the word “power” in five seconds.

    • Adi Grgic says:

      ​@ger troyne “Theoretically” .. but tell us what manufacturing do you have at this point? You’re going to be threatening China before you even have that chipmanufacturing up&going ? US would loose the ability to even build new computers if China deems so.

      How many years of advancement would be lost if that happends next week?

      Then we are not even talking about all other industrial manufacturing.

    • robert gillies says:

      20% interest rate in Russia, up from 9%. Yeah, power. Yay.

    • Melis S Baebah says:

      Seven thousand years? You must be still using the internet.

    • acid junkie says:

      In a way yes but 7000 nukes is still a power not to be messed with. Putin is a rat. Once cornered with no way out he’s capable of anything imo. Very scary.

    • ger troyne says:

      @Adi Grgic The US economy is actually large enough to be self sustaining though not at current living standards.

    • Moreemi Davis says:

      @MaxSt. Arlyn what is the real news?

    • Rx7 says:

      only 7k holy you are stupid, as expected from low intelligcen phone scrollers who post in comments LOL read a book

    • Jesus has given you all. Repent or die. says:

      Repent to Jesus Christ
      “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”
      ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭16:24‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • MaxSt. Arlyn says:

      Absolute lies… FακεΝεως

  5. McNizzle Rock says:

    This guy is legit. Love how he isn’t willing to disclose every piece of information

    • Fanta says:

      @ellie kwong WAAAAAHHHHHH RACISM RACISM! You idiots love to pull that card out to try to silence people. here’s your 50c comrade.

    • Chris O'neal says:

      @ahuels67 the orange buffoon started this mess we’re in

    • ahuels67 says:

      @Cynthia DiMarco  wouldn’t be in this mess with the big scarry orange man in the WH. but hey, at least you dont have to see any more mean tweets…

    • Cynthia DiMarco says:

      @StephenC, no, that would have been Putin’s buddy, the orange buffoon.

    • Blue Rose says:

      @ellie kwong agree. Study the so called BRIC countries alliance. Russia, china Brasil, south Africa, India Iran and so on. All want to ban the dollar. Don’t see why US government and Pentagon doesn’t pay attention of this world changing fact. No any smart American momentarily to see the danger?

  6. Richard Sasso says:

    “The commanding heights” is a quote from Lenin, if you are wondering why Mr Singh smiled at it.

  7. Hellborne says:

    Government officials: “we must be cautious with language, not calling it warfare” reporters “ECONOMIC WARFARE, ECONOMIC SHOCK AND AWE”

    • Tomasz Jaglinski says:

      @Joshua Hensley Such as everywhere populations of countrys contain majority of idiots.America has a wonderfull universitys,and knowledge.Russian government decided otherwise to rulling by fears.I know that US,are imoerialists as well,but are some obvious differents,and that’s why US are not a terrorist country.We own in central Europe our Freedom to rhem,and all Europe own Freedom during 2WW,and economical grow.That’s power of Freedom

    • Tomasz Jaglinski says:

      @ellie kwong Do You are sure,or you telling just fairytales?

    • Tomasz Jaglinski says:

      So they will using euphemisms,just like RasPutin

    • alex thomas says:

      repent of your sins and ask for forgiveness

  8. Garden Joy says:

    “Dictators have to pay a price for their aggression.” Well spoken. Totally agree. May that price be ultimate for the dictator himself.

  9. Mari__JUKI 🎀💎 says:

    While the sanctions against Russia have not directly targeted their energy sector, the sanctions may still harm it. The oil industry relies on other industries that are directly targeted by the sanctions. Many of the most profitable oil fields are thousands of miles from major cities. They rely on the domestic air industry which operates a fleet of aircraft purchased from western countries. Those companies are unable to do business with Russia to provide replacement parts and service for those aircraft.

    • Chris Kwakernaat says:

      putin “stole” those planes, he’ll use part of them for spares to atleast keep inland flights going for as long a he can.
      after that , it’ll be a mess..if he’s still in power in a few years , we might see russian built passenger planes,i think he will use the time he bought with those planes to build up the russian aviation industry.

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