These Girls – Why Don’t We [Official Music Video]

These Girls – Why Don’t We [Official Music Video]

‘These Girls’ Available NOW:


Directed by Logan Paul and Eli Sokhn

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20 Responses

  1. skye bernath says:

    I heard someone knock on the door so I ran out and hoped to god that it was the Why Don’t We boys… it was next door… IT WASNT EVEN MY DOOR XD

    I need help….

  2. Elina Hafþorsdottir says:

    Why is she mad and evil in 0:17 wut??

  3. korri dargis says:

    I’m in love this song ?????????????????????????????

  4. DoctorWolffles says:

    jesus christ. think my ears are bleeding

  5. Denise Martinez says:

    ❤I fell in love whit this song!!❤

  6. Lexy Xique says:

    I love your music videos so much and you guys too

  7. Mona Mohamed says:

    corbyn probably wasn’t allowed to sing much cause he can’t love other girls while he has Christina she will probably kill him lol.also bless the person who allowed him to wear his ‘famous’ glasses.

  8. Leen Al Fadhel says:


  9. Rebel glower says:

    Jack can I have the Polaroid camera?

  10. Katie Pedrini says:

    why is this not even on the radio?!?!?! Someone please tell me right now.

  11. Roxanne Guieb says:

    Who was here before 1mil views ?

    EDIT: I was here at 4K ????

  12. Pavandeep Singh says:

    I came after logan

  13. Bayan Alanezi says:

    They’re so freaking cute I love this song

  14. Jocelyn Lara says:

    I swear the only reason why they got so many views is because of Logan’s vlog he put it in his description box and the logang when out lol

  15. Filip Wysocki says:

    Not as good as I expected 🙁

  16. werida maliyat says:

    Corbyn you look exactly the same as the nerd emoji but muuh cuter in 1:56?

  17. Anna Jijo says:

    1:32 didn’t anyone notice corbyn getting hit in the face?

  18. Samantha Lloyd says:

    I’m just waiting till they hit 1 million subscribers

  19. latriceloves says:

    I can’t stop watching this ??

  20. eva radzeviciute says:

    … I think i broke the replay button :/

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