These look like the FUTURE?!

These look like the FUTURE?!

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24 Responses

  1. Kriid says:

    Looked great in their own with the light tan they had imo, not trying to be rude but if you try another project I hope you design it on paper before you put it on a shoe 😅

  2. Mexican Man says:

    This maybe would of been good on a all white Air Force but with the tan Air Force I think you lost me on this one

  3. Te Ahuru says:

    Stream of the future? It looks like my 3 year old niece painted them

  4. Bryan Koehn says:

    most of the shoes ive seen from this guy arent the best.. highly doubt any nba players are paying this dude.

  5. Max says:

    started out almost looking like the lines used in pointlism (can’t remember how to spell it) or in van goghs starry night, i think it would have looked better to have keep expanding the line instead of mushing all the colors together making it hard to see the original blues

    • La reina abeja. says:

      he obviously never been to art classes, mixing all those colors will always end up in an ugly greish color, also his lines are always terrible

  6. Jeb says:

    It started out looking like the sky in van gough’s starry night and ended looking like, uh, i can’t think of a way of describing this without being vulgar-

  7. LittleFox 221 says:

    Practice makes perfect! Doing something new will never look right on the first try. But there’s only up from here

  8. Ava Waldo says:

    I think it looks good I just think the line would look better if it was a little thicker but otherwise i thought it was so cool! Would also love to see more coffee shoes🙃

  9. Fadjy Valentín says:

    … from the rope laces to the swiggly line in ten thousand colors I can’t decide what I hate more. Not your best but you are very talented. I would redo them

  10. Civilian #72583119 says:

    I think it would’ve looked pretty good if the shoe wasn’t coffee colored. White would have been better and the inside wouldn’t be wet with sticky coffee

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