These Servers are TOO EXPENSIVE

These Servers are TOO EXPENSIVE

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71 Responses

  1. Linus Tech Tips says:

    The Apple fusion drive bit is a gag I should’ve probably presented better as a joke, lol. Basically, a Fusion Drive was Apple’s take on the technology and I just thought sliding that in there would be comical. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that. Sorry for the confusion. 😛


    • me0262 says:

      Although it’s actually pretty good when you fuse a SSD and SSHD. (Insert Dragonball joke here).

    • Wes says:

      We got the joke, it just ironic because your business doesn’t have a single notable Mac..!

    • Justin Lavoie says:

      I got it! Also, when are those hoodies hitting the LTT Store? 🙂

    • Jux Zeil says:

      Come on Linus…… You should know files as big as 5GB’s are not going to shunt to the SSD’s. That’s not what the tiered storage was designed for. RAM drives or M.2(SAS) on each editors machine are the only way I think you could improve everyones experience. Also, you should also know that in order to change a config through any program but the one you are trying to alter……. you should shut the program down first or the cached config files will not get changed until a hard restart.
      Still, very interesting experiment. ^__^

  2. Toby Kawecki says:

    Pulls apart $40k RED camera. Won’t spend $7k on used ebay SSDs.

  3. Delta Gaming says:

    complaining about editing 8k videos while I’m watch this in 480p …

  4. Jason Campbell says:

    I always find it cute when Linus tries to talk about servers.

  5. permissionBRICK says:

    OMG Its my favourite show: Server-Crap with Linus!

  6. AboSari says:

    Just add some butter to hard drives. there will spin faster

  7. Jonathan Mayer says:

    The real issue might be editing 8K footage for YouTube….

    • sablanex says:

      +James Mcgee It doesn’t have to save the day, maybe they just want that flexibility.

    • TMA ANDREW says:

      I just don’t understand why they edit/shoot in 8K for YouTube when the highest res that viewers can use is 1080p on his videos.

    • sablanex says:

      +TMA ANDREW no, they upload 4k so you can watch in 1440p and 4k as well. If they had uploaded the 8k footage you could’ve watched that as well(if you had an 8k display)

    • yeiria says:

      +TMA ANDREW I watch in 1440p. only about 30% people that I know of uses 1080p. Most of us uses 1440p or 4k monitor.

    • Travis says:

      +yeiria…that YOU know. Not many 1440p/4K phones out there.

  8. djdannypachy says:

    Hey Linus, what you mention is possible to do! You can use your existing servers (or file shares). Basically, you would have two seperate file volumes / file shares, one would be using NVMe SSD drives and the other would use hard disk drives (your archive). You can create a PowerShell script (or find one online) that would move the files (i.e. project folder) from the fast to slow storage based on your criteria. For example, if a project folder hasn’t been accessed, modified or moved within a certain period of time it would be moved to the slower storage. This can also work the other way too, if a folder has been accessed or modified in the slow storage (your archive) it would be moved to the fast storage. You can have the Powershell script(s) run automatically using Task Scheduler. For instance, you can have one script that checks your fast storage on a daily basis, and another check your slow storage more frequently (every hour, 30 minutes, 5 minutes, etc).

    • Beren Scott says:

      Powershell script? This reminds me of every Indian person I have ever worked with on a late night job. Always a fucking powershell script for everything. This one time the fucking script he wrote messed up 27 machines before the dumbass bothered to double check. Stupid fuck! Stay the fuck away from me with your god damned scripts dude. I hate how every solution to every Windows problem is Powershell. No, the answer is stop using Windows and learn to actually code!

    • Rhys B says:

      they already have close to 1PB of hard disk based archive storage. but it appears their day to day i.e current projects storage requirement has out grown their NVMe pool

    • Z3U5 says:

      +Beren Scott Haha…..
      *_BASH/ZSH left the chat_*

    • TheCoPlaysHD says:

      I use Proxmox with ZFS Raid10 and SSD Cache and that is doing the same thing. He also could use BTRFS. I think that would be a much better solution than M$ Windows Server.

    • ryan williams says:

      Like Enmotus enterprise software?

  9. Jwaffled says:

    “Too expensive”

    **Builds 100k gaming pc**

    • Adrian Todd says:

      Pretty sure most of those kinds of builds are sponsored. That is, they get sent most/all of the parts (or at least the most expensive bits) for the purpose of showing them off.

    • potato potato potato potato potato potato potato says:


  10. Joseph M. says:

    You guys should do a tour at YouTube and show display how they store their data

    • More Than Music says:

      YouTube isn’t storing 8k video files. They store a lot of data but the size of the files aren’t anywhere remotely close to this. They have encoders and compressors for streaming the videos. They have servers all over the world for this and cloud storage. Sure they can store a lot of data but all of it isn’t being accessed constantly like the editors are doing.

    • potato potato potato potato potato potato potato says:

      sometimes i load up a old unlisted video and it takes like a few seconds to load

  11. Archer King says:

    Love that apple reference and then an ifix it sponsor.

  12. Tech Gamex Studio. says:

    Pulls apart 40k red camera
    Droped 10k processor
    Have to buy 7k worth of used SSD
    This year is going to be hard for Linus….

  13. Tarek L. says:

    the hidden purpose of the video is probably to get someone to sponsor this project… 10/10 would have tried the same if i were linus’ sandals and socks

  14. Bluesmachine100 says:

    Linus: “so I’ve got a problem”
    LMG Staff:

  15. Zack Vahn says:

    Yeah, it’s some cool server hardware and all…..

    *But is it RGB Fusion 2 compliant?* /s

  16. CryptoChris says:

    You’re cheapest option is most likely Debian running ZFS (1GB RAM for every 1TB of Storage sounds like a lot, but there’s tons of used server grade ECC RAM out there for sale). Using linux will allow you to get more granular control over all the OS components. Make sure you tweak the ZFS settings for your setup, hdparm to max write speeds, and configure NFS for parallel writes.

    Another, but slightly more expensive solution would be setting up a distributed file system cluster like GlusterFS which load balances read/writes amongst servers in the cluster to maximize I/O. Depending on your team’s file read/write habits, this may end up giving you better performance.

    The much more expensive but performance oriented solution would be to purchase a used SAN solution. Similar to your DAS, you could purchase one or more EMC/3PAR shelves containing various 7.2k-15k disks and another shelf containing only SSD drives to be used as flash cache.

    If you want to go all out, full enterprise: 1x Storage Rack consisting of several large storage disk shelves, 1 or more fast cache shelves, 1/2x SAN switches, and Fiber channel cards for each desktop. It’s expensive, but you can get insane performance this way. Broadcome and various cisco manufacturers support SAN speeds of up to 128GFC (204Gb/s).

    I love watching these server tour videos. Keep ’em up!

    • REbornDArth says:

      Couldn’t agree more. You won’t get performance out of storage with cheap solutions. Not without hard work and bending some “rules” or DYING it to an un-manageable state.
      I also suggest the SAN route because even though he has to spent a lot of money at first. It will scale so much better on his workload, that the investment would be worth it soon.

    • Nick Miller says:

      “1GB RAM for every 1TB of Storage sounds like a lot”

      Honestly not really. They have 24TB of usable space on their current setup. 24GB+ of RAM is frequently found in a lot of above average workstations, and higher end desktops and laptops, let alone servers.

      Of course, the goal would be to vastly increase the storage space, but if they went up to… say 256TB, then 256GB what they would need, and it equates to a decent server, it’s not even a high end server. You’re looking at about $1500-2000 for that, which compared to the upgrade he might do here ($5000+) for maybe getting closer to 50TB, sounds like quite a bargain. Though of course, the 50TB option has no drawbacks beyond price.

    • Lassi Kinnunen says:

      i’m just wondering why the have 8 editors? do they do subcon work for editing stuff for ad agencies or what?

    • Afif Ahmad says:

      What you’ve described is exactly how his archive server(s) are set up using ZFS and GlusterFS. Check out his Petabyte Project video

    • Jeff Sadowski says:

      He says it is complicated to setup in the video and yet there is much better documentation and many more published scenarios than the crap he was setting up with powershell in windows.

  17. The Great Eldian Empire says:

    “Just another day for the LTT”
    cue the “Seinfeld theme”

  18. basshead says:

    You should make a PC themed porn called ”Motherboards Get RAMmed”.

  19. SaveRaptor says:

    “Work the way you’d normally work”

    *opens facebook*

  20. InIMoeK says:

    Storage spaces in 2k12 works with a scheduled job for tiering.

    Try S2D in 2k16. That wil scale

    • thomawesome90 says:

      This is a nearly perfect answer server 2019 interfaces with the new admin center much better to give better reporting on cache etc.

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