THEY CAN’T BE STOPPED! Friga vs Slim | 3v3 Creator League

THEY CAN’T BE STOPPED! Friga vs Slim | 3v3 Creator League

Zone 6 vs. 2Hype First Game Of The Night –

@D’Vontay Friga @CRSWHT and @Raye Mckinney will play @Whit3 Iverson @Slim @DC Heat Thursday at 9:30pm ET!

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34 Responses

  1. Hello Hi says:

    I can’t believe how that made me so invested in the outcome, such a captivating game.

    • Takemeserious says:

      @Johnathan Peck bro dc was literally just playing good defense, Chris initiated all the contact but Chris got in dc head he was taking awful shots in the 3rd game

    • Johnathan Peck says:

      @Brian D To be fair Chis was being fouled the entire game, DC was playing dirty. There’s a reason the other team kept being in foul trouble.

    • Brian D says:

      DC sold. Took alot of uncontested shots. Never passed out, never loooked for Slim once. Played hella selfish basketball. Iverson the whole game tried to control the pace and find open looks. DC vulture looking ass costed them both games. Also Chris White is dirty asf…

    • Siloé Neves says:

      @Miosoty Ownz Bruh i thought I was the only one 😂😂

    • Miosoty Ownz says:

      bro, I was jumping around especially when friga was missing those open shots for game.

  2. Finn Young says:

    Friga shot wasn’t connecting this game, and he adapted to it. He turned into a playmaker to help out his team.

  3. Daniel Brewington says:

    Everyone needs a player like Friga on their team but I feel Slim pain 💀

  4. Foddera says:

    Friga, while you were bricking a lot, you still turned that around and became a great playmaker for your team. Your definitely the best player in the tournament and you gotta play like it to fam. Respect for getting the dub at the end, really entertaining. GGS to Slim’s team tho.

  5. Ryce MenAce says:

    Chris raging literally sways the refs decisions😂😂😂😂

    • Kimiora Henry says:

      @CRSWHT Tbf that dude was wrapping you up while you was backing him down. Foull all day. I’d be pissed too lol

    • JES ALCASID says:

      ​​@Roshawn Seeny bro i support him but it doesn’t mean i don’t see anything wrong with chris but you should know his reasoning first 🤦. i know sometimes he is wrong.

  6. Xxwhyjustwhyjc2 says:

    THESE GAMES WERE CRAZY Chris out here wilding 😂

  7. Malll.editzzzz says:

    Friga is a great leader even when his team was down he still was talking to his team and telling them to keep pushing and reassuring them they can win. Raye played great just a great player in general and Chris is a great big man he might’ve gotten mad and did things in this game but he still helped the team

  8. MuslimGaming! says:

    Bro chris finally admitted he fouled this better go viral lol 😂

    • Lord Saucington says:

      @The Architect Of The Hounds I be forgetting people who don’t really be watching basketball watch the hoh. Need to take myself back to ballislife king of court streams myb

    • The Architect Of The Hounds says:

      ​​@Lord Saucington Seeing as how everyone is using laughing emojis about Chris and laughing about it, about called him a clown, I’d say he’s pretty entertaining. Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean you get to speak for everyone.

    • Lord Saucington says:

      @Dayy pluggz Dat

    • Dayy pluggz says:

      @Lord Saucington stop talking like dat

    • Lord Saucington says:

      @Dayy pluggz cuz he be ruining our entertainment dummy.. this is like a bad ending for someone who wanted friga team to win the tournament (me).. Hearing friga say I don’t care just play made the vid😂

  9. Earl Foster says:

    Chris was really out there throwing full on hooks to the body😂😂😂.Looking like a sorry ass Tyson Fury lmaoooo.

  10. Live & Maintain says:

    These were some good competitive games right here Crswht brought out the hooligan energy buddy had his menace badge on HoF frfr 🤣🤣🤣

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