They Got EXPOSED BAD!! 2v2 Basketball Against Nick Briz & Carlos!

They Got EXPOSED BAD!! 2v2 Basketball Against Nick Briz & Carlos!

Looking for revenge 😤 Me and Kenny came out with a vengeance against Nick Briz & Carlos in 2v2 basketball😈
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42 Responses

  1. CashNasty says:


  2. JuiceMan says:

    We need more content like this, I even wanna see Flight Vs Carlos that would be hilarious lol. Good Sh*t My Boy…

  3. Lonely Sandwich says:

    I’m glad that cash got his revenge!!

  4. LorDie says:

    chris saying “fuck is he talkin about” gets me everytime

  5. Erndawg415 says:

    “Top if the key, WET LIKE WATER” – cashnasty

  6. TheCalebJay says:

    They got quiet as hell after that airball by Nick LMAO

    • SStanford says:

      Shit just showed how extra they was being

    • Alex Dick says:

      On god that was Quiet as fuck

    • JesusPaid4You 2 says:

      Did you know that God loves you? God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. Jesus was buried and rose again from the dead. All who simply believe on Jesus Christ for eternal life will be forever saved. Believe on Jesus Christ for eternal life. John 3:36

  7. Rosly 2x says:

    Nick got bounce because he does calf raises when he walks 😂

  8. Austin Po says:

    Quin laughing at Carlos after he lost was the funniest thing ever bruh 🤣

  9. dropz says:

    this content top tier🤣

  10. GODNAT says:


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