They Got My Channel Name Tattooed On Them FOREVER..

They Got My Channel Name Tattooed On Them FOREVER..

They Got My Channel Name Tattooed On Them FOREVER..

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67 Responses

  1. Infinite Lists says:

    100,000 likes and I will get the same tattoo!

  2. Zack Astronskas says:

    41 views 644 likes… hum sure

  3. Cody Whitlock says:

    I want a tattoo but not on my lip 😬😬

  4. heidi and libby says:

    That must of hert

  5. ツFriskyModz says:

    Yo who else remember *Black panther* When their tattooing there lips???🤔

  6. Gabby Nantume says:

    I wanna do that😂😂

  7. Zaray Ramiez says:

    I post notifacitons and subcribed

  8. Roblox Gamer says:

    I subscribed and turned on bell notifications AND!!! Liked the gig and great vid

  9. Susanne Kelly says:

    I dont have a tattoo i want one but im to scared to get one

  10. Teresa Anders says:

    nooooo dont do it!!!

  11. Moshe Mahn says:

    Lip tattoos don’t last forever look it up

  12. life with a hamster says:

    I would get a tattoo of your channel on my arm if i was old enough and BTW if i see you some where i am litterly that girl that is just gonna run up to you and cry 😂❤

  13. Fortnite God says:

    I have been subscribed since 1 million subscribers

  14. Ryan Tuff says:

    I love that train shirt

  15. Popular corn says:

    Sub for a donut

  16. PBYT says:

    Where you on the mall bc i think i saw you
    Edit:it does not have 100K 🙁

  17. Sportsplayer 109 says:

    I want a tattoo 😭

  18. Replexx says:

    4:58 far left fan looks like cardie B

  19. Rohil Ari says:

    its my birthday today

  20. Vqnom says:

    Channel says “FOREVER” but he says it only last “two years” in the video”

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