They said do a split.. #Shorts

They said do a split.. #Shorts

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27 Responses

  1. G7-HA says:

    Me imagine if the dog move the position . It would be fun 😂

  2. Rez says:

    Making a tiktok isn’t enough. Now there are tiktoks of people making tiktoks. I hate this place.

  3. spooky senpai says:

    Tiktok is cancer

  4. SYED SAHIR says:

    Perfect split

  5. Andy Gold says:

    God job god job. For this brainless tik tok Session 👍👍 u ar a realy man

  6. Daily dose of Comments says:

    All the people that weren’t looking at the phone are now confused

  7. Gaurav Agrawal says:

    Im not seeing her im watching her cute puppy😁😘

  8. Not - Mochii!୨୧៶៶ᗢ* says:

    Him: making a fake split

    Me: *staring at the dog and crying bc i had no dog*

  9. Matthew K says:

    “Do you have any skills or talents?”

    “I make TikToks”

    “Ok, so no talent or skills then”

  10. besha hamdani says:

    Home is beautiful 😍 💕

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