They Were Crying

They Were Crying

Tune mixed by MAXZWELL

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20 Responses

  1. Renata Cervera says:

    Casey, you’re the coolest

  2. Tom Vermolen says:

    Hi Casey, I am getting a new bike and I’m wondering what kind you have, I
    really like it and think it would be good for me since I live in Chicago

  3. Mohamed Refaii says:

    I laughed a little bit way too hard at that One Direction segment. You’re
    hilarious Casey!

  4. Dan Meier says:

    Casey is Casey no matter where he is or who’s around. Love it

  5. Luis Sanchez says:

    Kanye fucking west. 

  6. Drew Selby says:

    I sometimes forget that you’re famous until I watch one of these vlogs

  7. Jazz Stewart says:

    The fact that he gave no fucks when he strolled past Jlo

  8. Bear8Photo says:

    Oh shit, is +CaseyNeistat a +KanyeWestVEVO fan?

  9. Christosity says:

    The Wiz Khalifa comment haha!! I’m such a fan of your work and it’s very
    inspiring how you always seem to be pushing the boundaries of film making!
    Great stuff hear man! :D

  10. feifei friedman says:

    Best ending! Lol

  11. tony4pres says:

    You couldn’t hear Kanyes vocals? Id say that was a win win!

  12. Mo David says:

    Casey! What did you think of the Bad Blood music video and Joseph Kahn’s
    work in general? I’d love to hear your thoughts 

  13. SwagyPotatoes says:

    BTW +CaseyNeistat those things those guys were riding on at 2:54 are called

  14. ItsBennyFLee says:

    “Wiz Khalifa just walked by, pretty sure I’m stoned now” HAHA that got me
    so hard! Loving the vlogs Casey!

  15. Ekaterina Madonova says:

    I just love how down to Earth you are. You’re one of the people I look up


  16. Zehra Abedi says:

    harry styles tho

  17. crossont says:

    I think that might have been one of your best vlogs… Great soundtrack and

  18. Sally Sinclair says:

    Legend!! Great vlog

  19. Graham Roth says:

    You were in my hotel when I was there, would have loved to high five’d you
    😀 you inspire me to make visors 

  20. samuel bisoka says:

    Who is this