Thicc not Sick | February 13, 2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

Thicc not Sick | February 13, 2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

America’s obsession with and fear of obesity is putting fat people’s lives at risk. As a reminder: don’t worry, you can laugh! This segment was written by fat people! Featuring the thicc and fabulous Kristen Bartlett and Ashley Nicole Black.

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65 Responses

  1. Angelica Figueroa says:

    Its true. I had one doctor tell me ” well you’ll never be 90lbs but you’ll be healthier than you are now” and when we went to screen for donating a kidney to my dad the doctor there said ” well just looking at you I can tell you’re not an eligible candidate” i get they want to be direct but not on a level that makes the person feel hopeless

    • Alex Noa says:


      Actually, there is scientific evidence that it does work like that. It’s paradoxical, but exercising does give you more energy.

    • K Mo says:

      +Alex Noa That’s true, it does, the catch 22 is getting over the lack of energy and exhaustion to do the exercise in the first place. Also an issue with major depression and such.

    • Elyse Troubadour says:

      +Ruby Doomsday Exactly. No one should be 90 lbs. There are so few people where this would be acceptable/natural for their height.

    • Lonneye Hicks says:

      +Ertwin123 I’m sorry, you literally can’t loose a kilo to save your life? If you can’t excersize restrict diet SLIGHTLY. If it’s slight, then you’ll be more likely to stick to it. It’ll take longer, but it’s your life at stake. You can do it!!! Don’t despairage!!!

    • D Pitre says:

      +Livid Imp there has also been studies that indicate that yoyo dieting can affect your hormones, including insulin production and the fluctuations from diets may trigger diabetes to develop. It’s why sometimes individuals who are massively morbidly obese (like 400+) haven’t developed diabetes because they haven’t fluctuated in weight up and down. There is so much to overall health that we’re still piecing together how they all fit together. Newest research into your gut flora is also looking into how our bodies process food and if certain gut microbes are impacting how we lose and maintain weight. It’s all very fascinating.

  2. absolutless says:

    The question should also be “Why is it so impossible to stay a healthy weight in this country?” Could it be our horrendous corporate owned food sources?

    • c3pfett says:

      Corporate owned food industry? Or the choices YOU make on what you eat?

    • Adam Smasher says:

      Yes, let’s put the government in charge of food. I’m sure that wont result in millions upon millions of deaths, as it has every single time it’s been done throughout history.

  3. Jason Blade says:

    Good stuff, there was a similar piece on the huff post months ago. I recommend everyone to read it.
    It would be good to talk about how it is actually an epidemic pushed by the food industry. And on top of that, they get shamed when they search solutions or relief..
    Also quick reminder that the GOP was outraged when Michelle Obama was growing vegetables and asking kids to move….

    • Kermit T. Frog says:

      I’m guessing that all the people who are going “good stuff” are overweight. Let’s just throw out all the science that we don’t like. You know, like Republicans do.

    • Jason Blade says:

      Kermit T. Frog where do I throw all the science? You can see in the second and third part I am implicitly saying that it is a health problem. It’s just their is a bias to blame all health problems on their obesity. But if you looked at the piece you would understand that… but I can see it is not the case.

    • dietotaku says:

      +Kermit T. Frog must have been asleep during the part that said *SHAMING PEOPLE ABOUT THEIR WEIGHT DOESN’T MAKE THEM LOSE WEIGHT.*

    • Constant Chaos says:

      If you weigh over 225 and need EMS please specify that when you call, we just need to be sure we have tbe right equipment, there is NOTHING worse than showing up to a call and no being able to help, we do this job to help people and it really hurts us to not be able to do the best possible job.

  4. Boobalopbop says:

    There was a time in my 20s where I was a sizd 0-2 and everyone said I looked amazing and wanted to know how I did it. Well I was bulimic, and doing coke and or ecstasy on a pretty regular basis. Healthy, right? Fast forward to now I’m 39 with 2 healthy kids and eat a pretty healthy, steady diet. Very little fast food, no drugs and no puke and lots of activity (walking at least an hour a day) but the same people who used to praise my looks say how I’ve let myself go and mom is concerned about my health and don’t I want to live long for my daughter’s? Keep my husband? Etc. I’m a size 14 now. And everyone acts like NOW I’m unhealthy. It’s so ignorant to equate thin with healthy. That’s just not always the case.

    • Boobalopbop says:

      +Aisha Abdikarim Well I live in Germany and I walk a lot. I was thinner in America but, I was puking lol. I don’t drive though and I’m from NY.

    • Nike says:

      Boobalopbop Conning from someone who supports Alexandria Cortez
      You’re a nut job,

    • ABRAHAM MASSOK says:

      Question is… Aren’t they just trying to make you go back to drugs?

    • Alexis Conklin says:

      +William Hutchinson you honestly have no life experience to back up an opinion on this. I’m not looking for a fight, but I and many other women have stories just like this one.

  5. Thomas Randle says:

    The “diets” that she’s referring to that don’t work are the yo-yo and fad diets that are touted as quick weight loss solutions, not permanent changes to your meals and exercise routine. Also, she’s not saying that everyone needs to overweight, but overweight people will always exist, for a variety of reasons. This doesn’t mean that doctors shouldn’t talk to people (including overweight people) about healthy meal and exercise and being overweight does increase your risk of health certain health problems but being overweight won’t always be the source of those health problems and doctors should be engaging more with their overweight patients rather than writing them off so quickly.

    • pcanavati says:

      +Ric Vicious A fellow Ranma ½ fan, nice! And I agree that taking care of our food consumption is healthy and they way to go. I’m not against diets, or people who make the decision to better themselves. I was only arguing against the erroneous assertion of OP that the study she is quoting is only related to “fad diets”, but in fact all diets period. They followed every long term studies that measured any diet from 2 to 5 years. They found 31. And they found they were better not doing them, and offered exercise as a more effective weight loss alternative. And I quote the UCLA press release:

      “What happens to people on diets in the long run?” Mann asked. “Would they have been better off to not go on a diet at all? We decided to dig up and analyze every study that followed people on diets for two to five years. We concluded most of them would have been better off not going on the diet at all. Their weight would be pretty much the same, and their bodies would not suffer the wear and tear from losing weight and gaining it all back.”

    • A. Mikey B. says:

      +pcanavati “formal weightless programs” are as temporary as “fad diets.” The point is both are not permanent lifestyle changes because no one puts the effort in

    • pcanavati says:

      ​+A. Mikey B. True, and that’s why diets in general don’t work in the long term, unless they actually follow up their cases, have a support network and tackle the actual main problems for which obesity is a symptom: for example eating disorders, like emotional eating and anxiety.

    • Brandon says:


    • Nerdcoresteve1 says:

      If being overweight increases any health risks, you should be able to provide scientific studies that show this.

      So let’s see one.

      (Hint: there aren’t any and fatphobia is pure bigotry)

  6. Kartoffel Pommes says:

    Thank you for this!!! The sweetest person I’ve ever known on this Earth, my grandmother (who I named my first daughter after), was a very large woman. The indignity she had to endure from so many cruel people was just tremendous. It’s a testament to her incredible character that she never soured her view of others through it all. I’m not big, but I know this pain. It’s cruel at best, dangerous at worst. Sweeten yourself, people, the ones you shame are very very very loved, and they deserve compassion and dignity like you do.

  7. TheGirlSusy says:

    Love you sam very good piece but dont forget the thicc men out there they need love too (just referring to the end with the kinda “hot guys = abs”) but still love youuu

  8. mad honeybee says:

    I was overweight, I got really sick. I think It was 4 different Doctors hat said it was my weight. I wound up I had GBS. I had caught the flu, and it caused my immune system to attack my nerves. I was very close to losing my life. It also turns out I had a birth defect that blocked a kidney so, my whole life I had been operating with one kidney. I had a few other birth defect that I had known about A hip and very extreme scoliosis so I had some known issues that once sick made it very hard to exercise. Then at my age, I also had an issue with my Thyroid. All of those things cause weight retention. It took almost 10 years to get a real diagnosis. So yes, sometimes being overweight is not from overeating but is a big symptom of a bigger illness. Folks, we are losing our compassion & kindness & politeness let’s not let that happen. stop judging others. judge yourselves first. then try to be a little more.

    • robert gee says:

      None of that would have affected you, if you maintained a healthy weight like a functional adult.

    • ValensBellator says:

      I’m surprised that didn’t land you in the hospital immediately! I actually got checked for that on the spot at my hospital when suffering from something else, it’s important to catch it as soon as possible (as I’m sure you know better than I).

      Sorry to hear they were so strangely negligent… those symptoms would normally tell a doctor to send you straight to the hospital 🙁

    • David Wu says:

      robert gee GBS has nothing to do with being overweight. It’s a complication of viral infections.

    • Eileen Farrar says:

      +robert gee ^^AND HERES ONE NOW!!

    • James Madison says:

      Sometimes, not often. Often it is a choice to eat like a pig and not exercise! That is for MOST people.

  9. Anjalena says:

    Please someone let Bill Maher know about this.

  10. 超人 says:

    my great-grandmother worked super hard her whole life, on her and her husband’s farm. She bore 7 children. All of them survived WWII Germany as refugees and the lean years that followed. She was a large lady and healthy as an ox. Weight had nothing to do with it

    • T BZ says:

      超人 outliers? Being overweight versus being a proper weight is no contest when it comes to the potential issues it can create

    • Helena Nilsson says:

      +T BZ
      Read the comment again, it said nothing about her being overweight. Just that she was large. Given that she did farm work and was healthy, a lot of it was probably work-built muscle, which makes you look more stocky than gym-built muscle.

  11. Tim Sumrall says:

    The opposite is also true. I’ve been “Army” fit all my life and doctors look at me and diagnose me “You look fine”. Had a heart attack at 54 after 2 years of “You’ll be fine cause you look fit”. I literally could not get thier attention.

    • Timothy Lee says:

      Try being rail thin (as a man anyway), I’ve had weight problems my whole life, no matter what or how much I eat, I still look like skeleton. I can ride a bicycle 50 miles in 2 hours, so I’m healthier then most. People still crawl out of their ‘chariots of fire’ and look at me like I might croke right in front of them. I blame the media pandering to the multi trillion dollar fitness industry. My God, even where I work they offer gym memberships, get a job picking apples, two birds with one stone. And you’ll look like the peasants you are- average.

    • ValensBellator says:

      Doctors aren’t necessarily being intentionally lazy or negligent, but from their education and thousands of patients they learn to look for most likely causes.

      It tends to result in the uncommon stuff getting overlooked if you’re heavy enough for it to be the likely culprit or so healthy looking that they assume it’s nothing serious.

      I have a number of doctors in the family and it’s remarkably difficult to diagnose someone or even send them to the right specialist on an initial visit, especially if the patient’s problems are recent.

      One piece of advise: be assertive in your own suspicions, be educated about them in advance, and come in with a clear list of symptoms and history. So long as you’re then willing to listen to their expert opinion most doctors prefer an engaged and participatory patient rather than playing the guessing game, and often it gets them pointed in the right direction even if it was a little off-base. If you’re thoroughly convinced something is wrong insist on it, as most doctors will give you a referral at that point just to make sure everything is ok.

    • Korey Green says:

      That happened trainer Bob Green he was on Biggest Loser he had a heart attack.

    • Nerdcoresteve1 says:

      This seems right to me. Bigotry is harmful to everyone, not just the marginalized group.

  12. Forwen Eymnorty says:

    I reached my 10000 step goal today thanks to wanking.

  13. Too Much Passion says:

    I work in the medical field and when I try to explain this issue to those around me, they act like I’m crazy and that I’m just making excuses for people. This is a real thing!!

  14. Liz G says:

    This isn’t shocking but I didn’t know it was this bad. Those poor people getting the wrong diagnose. Bias is real everywhere, but gawd… ?

  15. razorwireclouds says:

    diets don’t work, proper nutrition and daily exercise do.

  16. Cid B. says:

    There are skinny people out there who live on coffee, cigarettes and Taco Bell but I bet their doctors take them seriously.

    • Bethany Chatman says:

      Very true! I’ve been thin all my life and its mostly if not all genetics. Especially through highschool never ran or exercised, just sat and ran.

    • Constant Chaos says:

      Well actually they would probably pin most stuff on the smoking. Kt really doesnt help that pretty much any diagnosis could easily have like 5+ causes

    • Cid B. says:

      +Bethany Chatman I had a roommate that ate twice as much as me, smoked like a chimney, no exercise. Never gained an ounce…so unfair:D

  17. OnigiriPuff says:

    I had back pain so horrific that I needed morphine to be able to move again, so I went to the back doctor, he looked at me, looked at my x-ray, and said “Have you tried losing weight?” I was in such pain I could barely walk and he told me to lose 20 lbs and then we could talk about pain medication. So I cut back on all my food, forced myself to exercise through the pain, lost the 20 lbs and went back asking again for the medicine. He said that he really thought that if I just kept losing weight that I’d feel better and that he was going to stop seeing me. Suggested I get a fitness trainer (Not covered by the Government healthcare plan) and keep eating healthy.

    I’ve lost about 40 lbs at this point, pain is still there but I’ve learned to live with it. Kinda think I shouldn’t of had to.

    • Bee Nine says:

      God, no. You shouldn’t have to live in pain because of somebody’s incorrect judgment about you. I’m sorry to hear you had such a lousy doctor. I hope you are able to find someone who can treat you as a human.

    • OnigiriPuff says:

      Bee Nine I love my country. I love our healthcare that allows people to get care and treatment they need without going into horrific debt. I just wish doctors would listen to patients more. And not rely on another doctors notes so heavily. After I collapsed at work a second time I went back to the hospital and the doctor said basically “Oh, your file says the back pain is because of your weight. Keep at it! You’ll lose weight if you keep fighting.”

    • Charles Van Zee says:

      I had this exact experience. INSIST on getting an x-ray of your back. I was told for 20 years “just lose weight and your back pain will go away.” (I started getting pain at 13). No doctor would tell me anything that “lose weight.” Finally i lost 95 lbs, and the pain got much, much worse. Turned out I had Scoliosis all my life, but doctors didn’t check because I was overweight.

    • Nerdbane says:

      My had that same thing happen to her. It happened for roughly 8 years? About a year ago they finally figured out her hip joint are set in deeper than they should be and this was leading up to her back and giving her back pain.

      She is setting up a hip replacement surgery now.

      It could still be obesiety, but they have to check everything first. Also don’t assume the X-ray will be read perfectly my moms X-ray sure wasn’t.

  18. Merrigale Beddoes says:

    I used to be 20 lbs underweight with undiagnosed bipolar disorder, and friends, coworkers, and doctors told me how good I looked and how healthy I was. I was finally diagnosed and treated for bipolar disorder. Friends and coworkers still thought I looked good and was healthy, but doctors looking at my records stopped as soon as they saw the bipolar diagnosis. That was obviously the cause of everything. Now I am overweight (not morbidly obese) and they don’t even have to look at my records. As soon as they see me they know that my weight is the cause of everything. Funny that when I was actually at my worst people thought I was at my best. At no time was my health, either mental or physical, judged correctly because of my appearance. If what you looked like was all that mattered, all any of us would have to do would be to send the doctor a selfie and that would be that.

    • Jessica Hildebrand says:

      Merrigale Beddoes how did you find clothes? I don’t think I’m normal but I wear a size 2 yet I’m about 10 pounds overweight

  19. Al Simmons says:

    Sooooo…why aren’t the men at the end of the video big as Well….??? Big men are sexy too

  20. shannon Long says:

    In my early 20’s I went from 145 pounds to 250 pounds in less than a year and no one could tell me why. It took a further 20 years to get answers because all I got was lose weight. Oh if only, turn out I am gluten intolerant, glucose resistant body type and I have to follow a keto diet. I tipped off at 325 pounds I am now down over 100 pounds with 60 pounds left to go. Dr.s do ignore obese patients, I was an active person who swam, played volleyball, rode horses, and that ate properly (I barely can even digest meat at all). It took me doing my own research to find the solution, now with fibromyalgia I have to balance how I exercise now with weather patterns ugh. I was also a nurse so that is why I knew how to do my own research. Other’s aren’t so lucky and they use google and read everything, you have to be picky about your resources as some are misleading. I stay away from Wikipedia as that can be altered by anyone. Also, it took 8 trips and 2 months to the ER to be diagnosed with gallstones instead of “well you are not having a heart attack..” I was 27 and had no factors other than my weight (no family history, perfect cholesterol, perfect pulse and B/P)

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