Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about

Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about

people are weird sometimes

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58 Responses

  1. Zoe Greenberg says:

    okay, so i definetely agree with jaiden but im worried some people may take it the wrong way so this is how I think of it:
    Yes, it’s okay to help people. You shouldn’t brutally ignore people for your own good. It’s okay to help other people, unless helping that person “pollutes your ecosystem” its okay to worry about and try to help people rebuild their ecosystem, but not at the cost of yours. If you can help maintain a little bit of their ecosystem, while still being able to maintain your own, thats fine. Just dont overdo it and ignore your ecosystem for the sake of anothers.

    • Szymon B. says:

      Wow…..that’s deep…

    • TheSolidMidget says:

      Only commenting before it reaches 500 mark

    • Cool Chill says:

      *clap clap clap*

    • Lone star says:

      +Tom9358 it is

    • Nina Ylva says:

      YES ! 😀 I´ve been bff with a real narcissist for years and it took me about 5 years AFTER the relatoionship ended to start feeling good about myself and reconeccting with all my other friends. I help friends today but I help myself aswell (Finally 😉 ) Now I know how to help and set bounderies – but still sad it happend for such a long time and I really loved that person but she didin´t love – She wanted controll and fame for absolutely EVERYTHING she did haha .. But I digress – I totaly agree with you! 😀

  2. Laugh Cancer says:

    I Don’t even know if i have real friends ??

  3. BLIИK says:

    Anyone gonna talk about how her animation improvement and how she became more confident, i am so proud !!!

  4. Gregory Ybanez says:

    Well… she technically didn’t say that murder wasn’t a way to end relationships… so…

    *Sharpens Wii Remote*

  5. Derek Peralta says:

    8:50 yes, they’ve been doing that. I’m going to talk to them and how they’re behavior is affecting our relationship.

    Edit: alright I’m not friends with my dog anymore

  6. Midnight Marauders 420 says:

    Regular mental sessions don’t work.
    Jaiden steps forward.

    *modern problems require modern solutions*

  7. Cassandra Anne says:

    After some time i thought this was a Psych2Go video ?

  8. Krystal Playzz says:

    Don’t tear yourself so that other could stay whole
    Learn to give boundaries
    Take it from a broken person

    • Some Random Guy says:

      Is this a joke? Are you genuinely unaware of anything going on in Liberia, Nigeria, Somalia, The Congo? Are you aware of anything that goes beyond the united states? Most people in African countries are starving, diseased and consist of cannabalistic child soldiers and warlords with mercenaries making a profit from the war economy (War economy being money made from war obviously). I do have good knowledge in political geography but this should be relatively common knowledge. *r/iamverysmart* I know but that doesn’t mean i’m wrong.

    • Krystal Playzz says:

      +Some Random Guy Im sorry for my lack of knowledge. Im not from America and Im very sorry if you think this is a joke. I hope that things will be resolved there. May the Lord always be with them

    • ST Armstrong says:

      +Some Random Guy Dude no one cares or wants to hear about Zimbawe economy in a vid about relationships.

    • Amber Lynn says:

      +Some Random Guy Yo, chill out with that negativity. There are bad things happening everywhere everyday. So one person wasn’t aware of all the bad things in a place they don’t live. It sounds like they have enough bad in their life right now so why would they research other bad things happening in other places? Chill bro

    • goldenhadesx says:

      Trusting advice from a broken person about how to stay whole doesn’t sound like the smart thing to do

  9. Lemunz Berī says:

    6:42 who else thought that looked like Sam and Colby

    Also Himiko Toga at 7:22 from My Hero Academia

  10. Player1 Ready says:

    ME: Babe I think we’re in a toxic relationship
    Girlfriend: What?
    Me: Oh I don’t mean you
    Dog: sweats nervously in corner

  11. Shining Heart says:

    8:15 wait…. that’s not ow mirrors work….
    But the animation is really nice bdw

  12. Vanessza Kovács says:


  13. Dexis says:

    “Don’t let them forcefully place their junk on yours”

    Works metaphorically, AND literally!

  14. Zach Thompson says:

    This channel is becoming PG-13 lol

  15. AbyssalWorld says:

    I have a feeling my friend is manipulated.
    Sooo I’ll show her this video.
    Thanks for the lesson Jaiden you’re so wise ^u^

  16. Little Miss Cakey says:

    Me : Santa? Why is he here?

    Jaiden : Because…I can! I AM ALL POWERFUL!!!

    Me : Okay…

  17. Doggo :3 says:

    Toga: (wakes up) hahaa~!! Im gonna be super manipulative today >:3

  18. Alana Anderson says:

    I love how you can do both goofy videos and important life lessons (also the animation is beautiful!)

    Hence why Jaiden is my favourite one of my favourite youtubers

  19. Baby Diver says:

    *Day 102 of asking Jaiden to host Meme Review*

  20. _Nashi Nash says:

    “don’t let them force their junk on you” lmao

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