Things Gingers Are Tired Of Hearing

Things Gingers Are Tired Of Hearing

“Can you teach us an Irish drinking song?”

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20 Responses

  1. PollyWillEinCracker says:

    Only a ginger can call another ginger ginger….




  2. Amelia Wyles says:

    waiting for this video to finally come and it has

  3. Isaías Sosa says:


  4. Arthur Mendoza says:

    Who gives?

  5. Izabela CoolCat says:


  6. stevinie7free says:


  7. Sofia Hu says:

    The first one is so true for me

  8. Nancy Xavier says:

    My ginger friends don’t really hear these comments.. Maybe only the
    American gingers hear that.. 

  9. Ole Martin Øyehol says:

    redheads are so beautiful in my opinion

  10. Ailbhe Mcgowan says:

    My life in a video!

  11. MattisNearMello O'Donovan says:

    not very many irish people have red hair… its Scottish people

  12. Emilio Weenink says:

    What’s it like to have no soul

  13. CuteAlpacaPowers says:

    01:11 slay 😉 

  14. EnglishFate says:

    Hahahaha the last guy

  15. Jasmine Howard says:

    Now make a video on things Irish people are tired of hearing such as “I’m
    surprised your hair isn’t red”

  16. Dotbot37 says:

    Am tired of hearing shit red hair people are tired of hearing, no one cares

  17. Abby Connorton says:
  18. Spark Smrt1758 says:

    uggh I hate it when people call me Albino because of my white skin, then
    call me soul-less xDD

  19. Adrian Jacobsen says:

    Why are they not called carrots, a ginger is more blonde?

  20. Incertus Veritas says:

    As a Chimp; I do dig Orangoutang ladies a lot… That Ginger hair is simply