Things Only True Fans Noticed In The Rise of Skywalker Trailer

Things Only True Fans Noticed In The Rise of Skywalker Trailer

We’re going to show you things only true fans noticed in The Rise of Skywalker trailer! Well, it’s finally here: the trailer for the final installment of the Skywalker Saga. And with the trailer we finally get a title: The Rise of Skywalker. Considering that Luke Skywalker seemed to buy the moisture farm at the end of The Last Jedi, we can’t help but wonder just which Skywalker is about to rise. We can only guess at what some of the scenes in this trailer might mean. But rest assured – a lack of actual knowledge never stopped us from speculating wildly about trailers before. Crack open your Wookieepedias, and dust off your holocrons – here are the small details you might’ve missed in the first trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

After two mainline movies’ worth of fans constantly wondering where smooth operator Lando Calrissian, played by BIlly Dee Williams, might be hiding, the teaser finally confirmed that he’ll return in The Rise of Skywalker. And he’s right back where fans last saw him 36 years ago at the end of Return of the Jedi, sitting in the pilot’s seat of the Millennium Falcon and having a grand old time. His co-pilot this time out isn’t rebel smuggler Nien Nunb – who incidentally is still active in the Resistance movement. Instead, it’s none other than Chewbacca accompanying Lando on a jump through hyperspace. Where are they headed? A very brief shot of a battle scene looks like it may take place in Lando’s old stomping grounds, Cloud City.

Of course, fans have seen Lando in a movie since Jedi: 2018’s Solo: A Star Wars Story, where he was portrayed by Donald Glover instead of Williams. Interestingly, Williams seems to be wearing the same, or at least a very similar, yellow-and-black costume as the one Glover wore in the prequel. Perhaps he’s trying to recapture the swashbuckling days of his youth? Or maybe it’s just so newer fans will recognize him.

Arguably the most touching moment in the first teaser for The Rise of Skywalker is the brief shot of Leia and Rey embracing in a forest-like setting. A single tear runs down’s Rey’s cheek as Luke’s voiceover intones, “We’ll always be with you.” While the in-universe context for this heartfelt hug is still unknown, we do know that scenes featuring the late Carrie Fisher in The Rise of Skywalker are actually unused clips from The Force Awakens.

Much to the relief of Fisher fans worldwide, Lucasfilm announced in July 2018 that her character would not be controversially resurrected via CGI, like Peter Cushing’s Grand Moff Tarkin in 2016’s Rogue One. Instead, Abrams and his team would find a way to work with a number of scenes that had gone unused from Episode VII, as director J.J. Abrams told the crowd at the Star Wars Celebration 2019 in Chicago.

So while it’s still unclear why, exactly, Leia and Rey are sharing this particular moment, we know that it’s not just a tacked-on deleted scene. Whatever it was that prompted this embrace in the Episode VII script changed the course of Episode IX’s story, one way or another, meaning Fisher had a posthumous influence on the direction of the Star Wars universe – a fitting tribute to the legendary Leia. Keep watching the video to see the small details you missed in the Star Wars Episode IX trailer!

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Lando’s back in the saddle | 0:34
Cutting room floor | 1:40
Dark Helmet lives | 2:57
Dead Star | 3:51
Testing our medal | 4:45
The last laugh | 5:35
Just deserts | 6:51
Avoid the droid? | 7:56
Join the Skywalkers | 8:43

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110 Responses

  1. Looper says:

    Which are you more hyped for, The Rise of Skywalker or Endgame?

  2. DarthRakdos 0805 says:

    Episode 1: Every Generation has a legend. Episode 9: Every Generation has a legend.

  3. Ned Orton says:

    Vader DID need to wear his mask to help him breathe…


    Maybe the knights of ren somehow unlocked palpantine while kylo was off doing his thing. And has to go to war with them Bc palpatine has been playing kylo thinking he’s talking to Vader when it’s the emperor

  5. KIN says:

    It is Chewbacca’s medal he didn’t get one, they owe it to him. LOL

  6. noa gill says:

    Everyone: woohoo Lando is back
    Sidious: Am i a joke to you

    • Biao Wang says:

      +OhIDontThinkSo Daily Even better and this in my opinion is a good theory, we find out Snoke’s actually Palpitines clone. And he has a lot more at his usage than the Rebel’s realize, it’d be pretty cool because in the Comic’s that’s basically what occurred..

    • Grube Plejsy says:

      Everyone is talking about sidious not lando dude

    • Joaquín Cassagnet Ezcurra says:

      +Mr. Observant Don’t you mean Darth Boss?

    • christian velasco says:

      Everyones like WTF with Sidious.
      Snoke: Am I a joke to you?

      Everyone: Yeah

    • 246trinitrotoluene says:

      Wait, wasnt that Mark Hamill voicing as the Joker at the end?

  7. Tell It Animated says:

    Yep only true fans noticed that was Lando…

  8. American Paisa says:

    You don’t have to be a true fan of Star Wars to recognize the one and only Billy Dee Williams. His looks and voice are just as iconic as the great James Earl Jones.

    • Darth Pancakes says:

      Only a true fan would notice how the title of *The last Jedi* was red, and *Rise of the Skywalkers* is blue,

    • Rocket Man 27 says:

      Conscious Gentile nobody said he’s as good of a voice actor, but he has a pretty recognizable voice.

    • Kevin Clapson says:

      I agree with Cautious Gentile, William’s voice is nowhere near as distinct or prolific as Jones’.

    • mrcooldeadly85 says:

      +Darth Pancakes Just like the 4th was red, 5th was blue, and 6th was gold. You looking at it too deep.

    • Igor Schmidlapp says:

      Billy Dee needed to be holding a can of Colt 45 Malt Liquor… 😉

  9. Tike Daniels says:

    1 Endgame
    2 Godzilla
    3 Star Wars

    This is our year nerds!!!!

  10. Recipe for Disaster!! says:

    Just to say, I would feel that the whole “No one’s ever really gone” Line just before the Palpy laugh, would really hint to your suggestion

    • Prabhat Jaiswal says:

      That would have been awesome

    • Recipe for Disaster!! says:

      +Bübbà Höťëp As possible as it is, we never really saw Snoke’s abilities, never even heard mention of them, they were all just assumed for the most part… That being said, he would expect to die, that would likely have been his plan to draw Ren finally and completely to the dark side. In essence, his final victory, to corrupt the boy.

    • Frowlinian says:

      Recipe for Disaster!! He saw everything that Kyle was doing but was too arrogant to realize Kyle could betray him so he didn’t pay attention to who it was directed at. It’s true that we don’t necessarily know his abilities but it’s safe to say smoke is dead. If it was his plan to fake dead to turn Rey: he failed miserably, and ep. 9 would have 2 incredibly major villains.

      It’d be much easier to kill smoke and replace him with the emperor… maybe have smoke be a failed clone or something like that but there’s no need to have both of them in the same movie.

    • Recipe for Disaster!! says:

      +Frowlinian I have no belief he is alive mate, I was responding to another comment believing he is alive :p

    • Frowlinian says:

      Recipe for Disaster!! Oh, my bad, misread that. You meant he let himself die to fulfill his goal:corrupting Kylo.. I see that now

      Also, autocorrect hates Star Wars names lol

  11. The King of Nerds says:

    *”Oh my, we’re in the end game now!”*

  12. supergeorge111 says:

    Everyone seems to be forgetting about Anakin. He is the chosen one after all.

    • thegreenlizard 1 says:

      ”was” the chosen one

    • Russell Harrell says:

      Uh, obviously it’s all about Shmi.

    • G.T Jackson says:

      supergeorge111 chosen to bring balance to the force bring down the Jedi and Seth

    • jeb stuart says:

      +The Sexy Skywalker directionless : sooooo true

    • Frowlinian says:

      G.T Jackson yup, and the Jedi arrogantly thought balance meant only them, hence yoda’s “prophecy misread, could have been” Line… and the fact that anakin killed both sides, and snokes “darkness rises and light to meet it” Line which explains why Rey is good at everything that people just ignore …

      Getting off topic; point is that anakin was the chosen one created by the force to destroy everything freeloading off of it, and it fixes/balances itself, whether that’s through Anakin wiping them all out or Rey meeting the prowess of a dark force user…

  13. StarWarz #1 says:

    ONLY TRUE FANS knew that Darth Vader would never fight Rey on a sand planet (;

  14. SicarioVN says:

    I think Kylo Ren was talking to Palpatine since The Force Awakens rather than Vader because Vader chose the light side right before his death

    • Bübbà Höťëp says:

      +LuNi.Fi he might not be he really thought ahead it’s possible he figured out how to cheat death

    • Kenny Yeap says:

      Either Palpatine has mastered essence transfer or he have managed to master Darth Plagueis’ signature skill.

    • Carey Roberts says:

      +LuNi.Fi well there was plenty of EU lore to say otherwise, but just based on the movies the Emperor did have access to the secret to immortality as he told Anakin as well as access to Kamino’s cloning, that’s without getting into the high possibility that was implied he had the Force Knowledge of creating life that made Anakin (if he didn’t actually do it himself, which is implied). In the EU the Emperor actually returned a few times using clones by transferring himself into new vacant cloned bodies after he was killed.

    • Aditya Yellamilli says:

      +LuNi.Fi There was this moment in Starwars Rebels(which is Canon btw) that Darth Dane, the founder of the Sith Rule of 2 visits Yoda, so it is quite possible that Sheev could be back in some form or another.

    • MythicalMeltan says:

      +LuNi.Fi excuse me you seemed to forget episodes 6s ending where ANAKIN did become a force ghost after choosing the light side.

  15. scratch and sniff Productions says:

    Well it’s Disney. So it should be Star Wars Episode 9 The Emperor’s New Groove

  16. 2 D says:

    Last movie and JK Rowling has confirmed C3PO is gay

  17. evieramosi says:

    Just be December already.
    In Palpatine voice: JUST DO IT!!!

  18. James SAP says:

    Rip Carey Fisher. You will be in all Star Wars fans hearts forever

  19. Dennis darkwave says:

    lol i understood that reference!

  20. Madlegs S says:

    Dosen’t anyone die from falling down a shaft in Star Wars movies?
    Darth Maul
    And now Palpatine

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