Things You Didnt Know About Everyday Objects

Things You Didnt Know About Everyday Objects

Things You Didnt Know About Everyday Objects! I’m SSSniperWolf and today we’re looking at cool facts things you see everyday but don’t know about! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications

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44 Responses

  1. SSSniperWolf says:

    things you didnt know about everyday objects! did you know any of these? I put a poll at the end of the video (testing it out) 😀

  2. Dabby_4 Life says:

    This vid ruined my childhood ??

  3. uo. andrea says:

    *THUMB NAIL* :air pods

  4. Elizabeth Migawa says:

    Bro I probably put those small beads in my mouth

  5. AY#OH hq says:

    Do you have airpods???
    Like : no
    Comment : yes

  6. Mckenzie 0706 says:

    Nah I was told the lolly pop stick had the hole to prevent me from choking ?

  7. Oddly Satisfying Videos Tv says:

    In our daily lives , we are surrounded by lots of objects that seem so common and we don’t even stop to think ? Why they are needed
    Wishing everyone a fabulous new week filled with fun ? Love from a small channel

  8. Blushy Blushy says:

    In just one day! BRUH, she’s got more than 10k reviews. Idol!

  9. KatieKam 101 says:

    The hole in the lollipop stick is also there incase someone chokes on the stick and it gets stuck in there throat, the hole will let them be able to breath

  10. says:

    In sweden, you see them make your mcflurry

  11. iiDontLike Pastel says:

    Me before the video : I will watch señorita After this

    After the video : watches more sssniperwolf

  12. Jeanna Beckman says:

    I always thought the slica gel was salt .-. I never tried it tho.. Then my cousin convinced me they were crystals at one point ?

  13. maddison hand says:

    In Australia/my school we put the date in the margin ?


    “Throw a silica packet on it”??


  15. 말 곤 says:

    I remeber once when I was like 3,4 years old ..
    I ate a bag of the gel balls and lol I choked
    or a half of the bag

  16. Cameron Palmer says:

    i once saw the ice cream machine break right in front of me and the ice cream splashed everywhere????

  17. Jorja Viglino says:

    If airpods are an everyday thing for you well then…

  18. MusicalPotato says:

    OMG when Lia uses that slow loud voice and puts her hands on her head it makes everything sound stupid. ?

  19. Kendall Tran says:

    I’ve seen a jawbreaker on a stick ?

  20. Cleburne Tx 417 says:

    Did u know thanos is a grumdrop because somone chewed him and spit the gumdrop off. And turn into thanos boooom got him

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