Think Fast! with Aubrey Plaza

Think Fast! with Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza and Jimmy take turns asking each other random questions and immediately answering them with the first thing that pops into their heads before time runs out.

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Think Fast! with Aubrey Plaza

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20 Responses

  1. Tanya Sparrow says:

    any German here? is that true? “panakaka” lol

  2. Creative Cliché says:

    hi there, baby got things in yellow forest,she is such a bitch zippopotemus, smoking it up upstairs, she sucks card board..

  3. Ion says:

    2:48 She was going to say dildos😂😂😂

  4. Thomas Louie says:

    Queen RBF

  5. Sulha Fazi says:

    Hi there aubrey ☺️☺️☺️☺️❤️

  6. sing 4life says:

    Jimmy falcon was on icarly

  7. Leonard Strohmaier says:

    dumbest game on late night right now.

  8. marlene ramos says:

    aubrey looks so unimpressed i love it

  9. Peter Bainbridge says:

    They really need to stop doing this game.

  10. n00n says:

    this is exactly the kind of lame game that I figure Jerry would propose and to which April would reply “let’s play get out and never come back instead, Jerry you start”

  11. Carl Lawan says:

    She kinda looks like Riley Reid lol

  12. Simret Sekhon says:

    I’ve never seen her laugh so much

  13. Amandeep Singh says:

    which one of them is aubrey plaza?

  14. I. E. C. says:

    Only Conan can interview her the right way.

  15. Jens9807 says:

    God she’s so hot

  16. bigscreen bird says:

    Pretty boring skit. Plaza is hot AF as usual!

  17. StillHdz17 says:

    I hope that i am the chosen one one day and she has sex with me.

  18. JVee Veneracion says:

    crap! i spit my dinner on the tv when jimmy said why he hate debra! 😀

  19. Olivia Zeh says:

    chubby wowwows

  20. Mahzang says:

    Panakaka? Das wäre ja mal ein schöner Name für Pfannkuchen.

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