Think Fast! with Will Ferrell

Think Fast! with Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell and Jimmy take turns asking each other random questions and immediately answering them with the first thing that pops into their heads before time runs out.

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Think Fast! with Will Ferrell

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20 Responses

  1. Caleb #87 says:


  2. Amber Jones says:

    1st comment and jimmy shave

  3. Val13fav - says:

    “Tell me a secret”
    “That’s a JUICY secret”


  4. tayy chum says:

    when you like your own comment bc you know no one else will like it… ??

  5. Awesome Xxxslime says:

    This is a butt?
    It smells super bad
    1 like=A bar of soap

  6. Rachel Pipkin says:


  7. lexi wall says:

    i’m still not used to jimmy’s mustache

  8. Cara Frokjer says:

    Jimmy looks like his character from Taxi with the mustache

  9. Miqayel Harutyunyan says:

    Here before this gets millions of views

  10. Peter Comedy Videos says:

    first thing that pops into my head when watching this is that mustache holy shit jimmy

  11. Jesus Estrella says:


  12. DavidT5 says:

    It’s simple, I see Will Ferrell so I click

  13. Xtralife 1 says:

    Wonder how jimmy’s wife feel’s about his 1980’s pornstar mustache

  14. JackieWarner13 says:

    Lol the Orlando part reminds me of Book of Mormon

  15. DelaCorado says:

    “Which rabbit is the best?”
    I would have said “The one with Duracell batteries” 🙂

  16. Maria Β says:

    Genius answers? I loved this game, you should play it more.

  17. Primus Palus says:

    What… the fuck… is on Jimmy’s face?

  18. Savainc 7 says:

    Whenever I see Will all I can think about is Little Debbie. ?

  19. Eddie says:

    Will Ferrell is hilarious! And young Tom Sellec is a good talk show host

  20. Adriano Seife says:

    Jimmy looks like he stole Ron Burgundy’s mustache and put it on

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