Think it’s time we did a gender reveal

Think it’s time we did a gender reveal


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34 Responses

  1. Motivation says:

    no matter what gender it is, i just know felix is gonna be a great babysitter for pewdiepie’s child

  2. Roland Szarka says:

    I’m tearing up, man. Not just from the video but reading through the comments as well. We were all kids when we started watching Pewds and now we are all just sharing their happiness as adults. You’ve helped millions of us through so much, Felix and Marzia. You deserve the entire world and I hope your new family will bring you infinite joy 🤍

  3. A2J says:

    In a time where all mainstream content has to be so upbeat in your face action-packed all the time it’s so nice seeing a laid-back vlog that seems genuine all throughout. It’s authentic and refreshing, I like

  4. Peggy K says:

    This video is so wholesome. I was 14 years old when I followed your journey with the hilarious horror gameplays. Now 12 years later, being 26, watching you built such a happy and peaceful life for yourself with Marzia is incredibly touching and inspiring. Congratulations on your baby boy!! 💗💗🎉🎉

  5. ALph4cro says:

    Felix and Marzia are the closest thing to a real life fairlytale.
    I am genuinely so happy for them. All the people should look up to them.

  6. Danielle A says:

    hope their kid can look at these videos one day and be able to appreciate how their parents enjoyed times like this even before they’re born. there’s so much love here, and even more once this kid comes. 💛

  7. ItsFrankyBoi says:

    So unreal to think Felix is gonna have a child running around in his videos soon.

    • RSP RSP says:

      I’m worried. Pewds is pescatarian and their baby’s a fish.

    • Angatita says:

      I have a feeling they won’t do that. It’ll probably be more like baby will be in the videos in the same way Marzia is right now. She’s there but the focus isn’t on her and you rarely, if at all, see her face

    • Fukai Kokoro says:

      He’s probably going to not have the kid in videos. Or blue the face.

  8. Jackie D. says:

    congratulations on the baby boy, felix & marzia!!! it’s incredible to think about you two having a baby and becoming even more of a family and I still remember felix playing horror games in 2013 and cursing in Swedish. we’ve grown so much. i was 12-13 then and now im 23. I’m so happy and feel so lucky and thankful that I get to see your family journey and growth. congratulations, again. <3

    • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola says:

      ​@Alter same. Bros gotta carry legacy

    • Alter says:

      I knew it was gonna be a boy pewdiepie is an alpha male

    • Syncategorematically says:

      @ANU Koinobori/Children’s Day takes place on May 5 in Japan. Koinobori is where they put up a five-color windsock shape like a koi/carp fish. According to the Japanese American National Museum, in the traditional “children’s song,” the red one (higoi) represents the eldest son.
      This is their first child = eldest child. So it is a boiii

    • Tim Lewis says:

      @ANUi think it’s a celebration around males

  9. AnakinTalks says:

    I just can’t believe that these two people I’ve been following for so long are finally at a place in their lives where everything just seems to be exactly how it should be for them

  10. Dr_DAB_ says:

    Felix, I just had to hop in and say, what a fucking journey brother. Went from getting home everyday after school watching you scream and get scared at horror games, bringing around memories I’ll never forget, some great memes, laughs, and sad times turned happy. I’m glad we could be apart of this journey with you to watch you flourish and grow and allowing us a peek into your world for so long and today for such an occasion. Salute to you and Marzia. Congrats, with all the love – T

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