Third Parties: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Third Parties: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Third party candidates want to be serious contenders, so John Oliver considers them seriously as potential presidents.

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20 Responses

  1. JewTube says:

    this guy is such a massive hillary shill.

  2. Marc James Levesque says:

    Give it up, John. Wikileaks BUSTED you in bed with Hillary. That well
    explains your hit pieces on Trump but not one on criminal Hillary! You can
    go home now, Johnny :P

  3. jo23bulls says:

    3rd parties. A vote for white privileged voters to punish minorities for
    not voting for their first choice, Bernie Sanders.

  4. Steven Rojo says:

    Why was Alaska colored the same as Canada?

  5. Melissa Ulto says:

    that’s the worst he’s got on Jill Stein? she was in a bad band and some of
    her policies need work? aiiight. i’ll take that any day. can anyone tell me
    Trump’s policy on anything? and does anyone trust Hillary’s policies,
    having two stances she admits (the public and the private)?

  6. Factoid says:

    Was expecting much more jokes about “Exotic 2016” rather than the quagmire
    the comments turned into. He’s a comedian people. He can say his views. No
    one is unbiased. Take your knowledge of things he didn’t say and you it
    constructively, not destructively.

  7. Eamonn Develare says:

    john your commentary is now extremely biased, sad

  8. QuestionEverything says:

    Interesting how John Oliver attacks all the other candidates running for
    President so forcefully, but leaves Hillary Clinton relatively unscathed.
    This really shouldn’t be surprising when HBO is owned by Time Warner, one
    of Hillary Clinton biggest donors when she was a senator and now as a
    candidate from President.

  9. Aaron Liu says:

    “Gary Johnson’s tax plan redistributes the tax burden to the middle class”
    You’re ignoring the fact that middle class families would be paying less in
    total taxes than we are currently, between the reduction of cumulative tax
    rate and the rebate making sure no one is effectively below the poverty
    line. “But the gov needs that money” Well, that’s why the other part of his
    economic plan includes massive cuts in defense spending and social welfare
    because guess what, they DON’T need that money but we do. “But his his tax
    plan is more beneficial for the richest people” True, but that’s part of
    the libertarian belief that everyone deserves to be treated equally by the
    government, aka, just because you earn more money doesn’t mean you should
    be forced to pay a higher rate of taxes. You’re free to disagree with that
    idea but then I ask why you think it’s okay to abolish the concept of
    equality as long as it doesn’t affect you personally.

  10. doramason says:

    this fucker is going lower every day to save hillary. first Sanders then
    Trump now Stein/Johnson. everyone is a bad choice except hillary… fuck
    you John oliver I hope you rot in hell with hillary in the special place
    that is reserved for her.

  11. timluns says:

    THIS WAS REMOVED with 125 LIKES……The U.S. Military can’t account for
    8.5 Trillion dollars. The U.S.
    Gives the richest oil companies Billions of dollars in subsidies but we
    can’t afford free college. We gave Israel over 4 billion in military
    aid but we can’t afford universal healthcare but Israel can? John
    Oliver wants to tell us what a joke 3rd party candidates are? look no
    further then Hillary and Trump. And he dug deep to try and misrepresent
    Dr. Jill Stein….That’s all we can expect from an establishment mouth

  12. WarpRulez says:

    I only need one reason to root for Trump: The sweet, sweet SJW tears, and
    their sweet, sweet crying, if he gets elected. I don’t need any other

  13. Robert Drake says:

    I’d eliminate the entire govt. All of it. BTW, global warming is bullshit.

  14. Robert Lembo says:


  15. signas82 says:

    I’m so surprised he went after third party candidates negatively…I’m
    voting for Jill Stein and I will NEVER vote for republicans or Democrats.
    Also, if religion has taught me anything, it’s that if something or someone
    tells you can’t question it, then you most definitely should question it
    especially when it comes from a government that habitually lies to it’s
    citizens. Bush lied about WMDs, Obama lied about spying, the us lied about
    the Lisutania, gulf of tonken, etc so calling someone a “Truther” or
    conspiracy theorist doesn’t mean that what that person is proposing is
    beyond the pale.

  16. Sudev Sen says:

    this comes across as a smear video

  17. Raptor King Gaming says:

    I have Autism, and I never had Vaccine in my life.

  18. The Mexitroll says:

    “Go ahead! Throw your vote away!”


  19. Lord Zephyros says:

    orders from the president, also they have a SCAM with the american people

  20. Michael Farník says:

    What about Shoe0nHead? :(