Thirty Seconds To Mars – Walk On Water (Lyric Video)

Thirty Seconds To Mars – Walk On Water (Lyric Video)

Everything you are about to see we filmed on a single day in the United States of America. July 4th, 2017.

Over 10,000 people submitted footage of a single day including 92 of our professional crews. They filmed across the country in all fifty states plus Puerto Rico and D.C. and captured a portrait of this country that is absolutely beautiful, challenging and unforgettable.

A very small selection of that footage you see here. The rest will be part of a documentary film (directed by Jared Leto) that is a companion piece to our brand new album.

The album. The film. The tour.

Coming soon.

Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Music video by Thirty Seconds To Mars performing Walk On Water. (C) 2017 Thirty Seconds to Mars under exclusive license to Interscope Records

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20 Responses

  1. Kat says:

    I love seeing my favorite bands evolve. You’re watching them grow before your eyes. Same thing with AFI. So many people want a band to stay exactly the same as they were 10 years ago, but if they want to stay relevant they need to adapt. You don’t have to like everything they make, but if you really love a band you need to respect the fact that they will change.

  2. Callum Mcphail says:

    tomo must be fucking pissed.

    very zooropa

  3. thi b says:

    this song is perfect for who is truly fan of the band and not a fake fan, who is fan of a style of music and not the band itself.

  4. Amalia Kitsaki says:

    Perfection isn’t a good enough word to describe this song ?

  5. kokaface - The Son Of A Beat. says:

    this is siick
    30stm had pop vibes from day one
    let it grow on ya

  6. vinni santos says:


  7. Lukas Wuttke says:

    1:17 I almost can feel Jared’s spit on my face when he sings “A THHHin line” ??

  8. Raitness says:

    Imagine Dragons? i no wait its Jared omfg its 30STM WHAAT

  9. zaneoninternet says:

    This sounds like something Hilary would use in her campaign

  10. Mrs Crunch says:

    Thirty Seconds To Mars is like Linkin Park. Little new music, new sounds, new songs. But I love their so much, with all my heart. Are you really fan? How fast can you turn away from them? And call it shit? People and music are constantly changing and we have no influence over it. Yeah, me too lightly hurt this new sound, this new song. But do you know what? I will never turn away from them for such a reason and I will not stop listening to them and so insultingly. I grew up with them and formed my character through them. I love them and how can i stop? Those who write that they fall away and will not listen to them, in fact, you never loved them so much. Yeah, everyone has his own opinion. And I have my own, because these comments hurt my heart.

  11. Hamza Seyar says:

    Did Imagine Dragons change their name into 30 seconds to mars?

  12. Kirill Burton says:

    I like the sound, but the song is shit. And it’s shit not because it’s poppy, it’s shit because it’s empty.

  13. SkilledMaverick says:

    Does anyone see the huge message he is saying with this song? Clearly it talks about all the violent protests in the country. And more specifically, I think, it’s asking for action against the Alt-Right groups. He’s asking “can you win this fight?” Which I think he is asking to that group, or more like taunting them, and is indirectly asking all the left to make sure they don’t win. And he doesn’t mention any other group that uses violence that are left-facing. He only says the “left view” so he doesn’t single anyone out there. He’s talking about all left-facing people versus just the alt-right. He wants the left to drive the right away at every step. “In the end my choice was clear. Take a shot in the face of fear. Fist up in the firing line.”

    Additional he mentions “breaking all those promises made” and “white lies” which are directed at trump. Now what the intention is isn’t as clear as the previous message, but I think he’s saying to the people of America that he sees the country taking a dangerous turn and either a civil war happens (my personal view is that it won’t ever be allowed to get to that point) or that the actions are taking us closer to more bombings or all out war. I infer this partly from the visuals in the video showing explosions, which come as fireworks and an cannon firing. The imagery in the video in general spends a lot of time on the protests and things that happen at them. That’s my view anyway.

  14. idesofmars says:

    Ugh. Another disappointment. 30 seconds was, at one point, my favorite band. But they just get progressively worse with every new album.
    And all this bullshit about bands having to evolve to stay relevant. Why is this even a logical argument? Evolve away from the sound that made you popular to begin with, doesn’t make any sense. And when has it ever worked? Bands that “evolve” always get worse and then people wonder what happened

  15. Maria Lucas says:

    Mars Is Back?❤

  16. Christielen Reis says:


  17. Tej Jerkič says:

    Only Jesus can walk on water…duh ??

  18. Gangsta Styles says:

    I’m fucking pumped and crying. This is so good omg. It’s a masterpiece! ? I’m proud of all of you

  19. Laucha Sve says:

    Oh, oh, radioactive, radioactive

  20. Martina Ferrari says:

    all their lyrics from This is War to now are just basically: 90% ohhh, 10% fight, lust, war, devil, love and then they repeat the same lines over and over. I know that changing and evolving is just part of growing up as a band, that the notes are only 7, but my personal impression is that all their songs from 2009 on, sound just the same and i don’t like ’em.

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