This Beach Hut has a HIDDEN SECRET

This Beach Hut has a HIDDEN SECRET

It looks like a normal beach hut but underneath is more than meets the eye………
To see how we built this click here

Also as people have asked in the build video if this is still up but no we took it down after filming as someone would most likely take a dump in it or it will collapse in time, the beach was returned to normal………apart from a massive crater muhahaha.

Want to see the underground bunker i built in my back garden go here

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20 Responses

  1. TheDude says:

    putting a child in that is a fucking nightmare, that thing is a death trap. the weight of wet sand pressing on that wood must be immense levels of pressure. If those walls give out you are a dead man sir.

  2. colinfurze says:

    It’s finished and for a random idea i had it turned out great. Now this project has caused quiet a stir and even been called my most dangerous project as digging in sand is risky. It was sad to take it down as i couldn’t leave it there as someone would prob take a dump in it and it would collapse at some point but we shall remember it as the best beach hut the east coast has ever seen…………….cut to old people crying. SUBSCRIBE as next week its just as crazy.

  3. jacob elliott says:

    Beach service hates him! Click here to find out why.

  4. GeneralZ says:

    I bet that whole would be really great for kidnapping people too, just soundproof the hatch, throw someone down there and cover the hatch. Nobody will suspect a thing… then when everybody leaves you take them to your van.

  5. AnTrAxX Slingshots says:

    It would be amazing to see like 20 People comming out of it…like a Clowncar 🙂

  6. jake otis says:

    Now you got a place on the beach where you can jerk off without getting disturbed. Nice!

  7. HiHACKER says:

    *How’s the temperature, Colin?*

  8. trenbaloney says:

    Sick place to rip some bongs

  9. Ryan Petley says:

    I expected a big screen tv and a king size bed. 🙁 smh

  10. Slicky Brit says:

    if someone sits on the holes your screwed mate 😂

  11. Constructed says:

    …And then the tide came up

  12. HumorVortex Mosco says:

    *takes a look at the exact time on his clock and triangulates his location using the sun*

  13. Gundars Šlitke says:

    *Turn on subtitles at **0:40*

  14. Rick McGuffey says:

    Anyone who knows construction (really knows it as opposed to claiming it for their comment) understands this was not a very dangerous project.  The walls were plenty strong enough to support the sand given how shall the overall depth really was.  Furthermore, it was a project that was only intended to last for this video so ventilation, etc… were not a legitimate concern.  Obviously, nothing about this project would be a long term sustainable solution… it was just a quick and fun project to entertain us… lighten up.

  15. Mar Jemric says:

    no explosions, speed or engines…. Colin is becoming a pussy

  16. Pasha Hart says:

    your videos have got down hill fast…… sorry mate

  17. davidrobert2007 says:

    You could re create this, in steel, in your back yard!

  18. Chris Moffatt says:

    Still YouTube’s most irritating gentleman

  19. Jonty Freeman says:

    One of the most clickbait titles I’ve seen from you Colin please don’t do shit like that it will ruin your channel.

  20. Making Random says:

    Just a reminder – we still want to see you make an epic tree house

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