This Changes RGB Forever

This Changes RGB Forever

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75 Responses

  1. esperCELL says:

    *Gonna watch RGB porn on my motherboard soon*

  2. Jewulz says:

    I think my RGB memes on linus instagram has worked

  3. DesolatorMagic says:

    Corsair: How do we fix the wireless mouse range?
    Also Corsair: HARPOON!
    Corsair: wut?

  4. FinalBox says:

    What is a bigger flex: RGB RAM or AirPods?

  5. Today on the Bench says:

    Working with electronics on a near daily basis I will say that the standard RGB LED module typically used on LED tape is fairly big as far as RGB LEDs go, and there are far smaller commercially available options on the market. (I have personally seen ones down to about 0.1×0.1 mm ones. (as in 100 “can fit” in a square millimeter, if it weren’t for minimal clearance))

    But I do got to say that Corsair’s marketing team knows what they are doing, but what they do in this product isn’t too special in the larger scene, and picking out the standard RGB LED module that comes on most tapes isn’t a dumb marketing move. (Even if this same style of package exists in far smaller sizes and costs doesn’t really change…)

    Then in terms of “efficiency” and losses between the PCB and LED chip isn’t that large in the commercial led modules, and in terms of light output it is a fairly similar story. Since LEDs aren’t high current devices, and are more effected by supplied current, and practically all driver setups use constant current drivers too (So any voltage drop in the cables doesn’t matter, the constant current driver will push X current as long as it is within its max voltage output. (That could be 5 or even 12 volts in a typical computer, so enough to go around.)), in the end if they can get even 1% more light when supplying the same current to the same LED chip for both mounting solutions, then you should check your measuring setup….

    Then one also need to consider that pick and place machines tends to hate tiny components and yield tends to go down as a direct result, not to mention drastically increasing manufacturing times all leading to far higher manufacturing costs, and consumers then need to value fancy RGB compared to higher prices, but yes, some consumers likely consider the looks of their computer more important then the actual performance.

    • Today on the Bench says:

      +Matthew McKellar That would make for a nice reading light. Especially with 4 dims.
      Not to mention practically doubling the power consumption of the ram module in the process, so suddenly there might actually be a small need for a heat sink on the dim. Mostly to keep the LEDs cool as to extend their life time.

      (since the degradation of an LED is dependent on drive current (brightness), and temperature. (this being the main reasons for why OLED displays have issues with burn in.))

    • Matthew McKellar says:

      +Today on the Bench It would be pretty funny to see how blindingly bright it would be. You’d legitimately need sunglasses or a welding visor to look at your computers side panel

    • Enrique Morell says:

      Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for. And the profile is different because the new flex PCB has no optics included, so obviously it’s going to be thinner.

    • Today on the Bench says:

      +Matthew McKellar At that point, why not just put a 3 kw Xenon arch lamp inside the case?

      okay, yes I know such a light source gives off large amounts of IR and UV radiation, even some lighter X-rays, while requiring high air flow to stay properly cooled, and still managing to heat most of its surroundings past comfortable temperatures, and it would also risk melting plastic exposed to the light directly, not to mention risk de-laminating PCBs, overheating capacitors like pop corn, and sending most of what is left into thermal shut down. But at least the case would give you a nice sun tan from a few meters away in a relatively short time.

    • Matthew McKellar says:

      +Today on the Bench As an added benefit all the UV emissions would probably kill off any bacteria on your battle station!

      It also might give you melinoma… But these are acceptable risks considering how baller the lights will look!

  6. Evariste Galois says:

    Other tech reviewer: **reviews computers**

    Linus: **reviews RGB**

  7. Tailslol says:

    would be nice a rgb led screen this way,most current rgb led screen sucks curently.

  8. Hans Müller says:

    They say 50 bucks in the video. I go on the website, 60 bucks, I go on find seller and get redirected where It says 70 bucks. Is this gonna change?

  9. NEO-N- Sky says:

    Wait, we seriously never thought of this before? Wtf???

    • sameranio says:

      We did, cob leds have been around for a bit. We just hadn’t made a product for the pc market yet :p

    • Callen says:

      packing leds closer together was thought of ages ago. you’re literally looking at a grid of densely packed leds right now. this new rgb stuff they’re parading is stupid imo.

  10. Evan Jones says:

    Wow, Linus has never sounded more natural nor made better segways. He must truly be passionate about this product, unlike his other videos, where he gets so nervous about viewer perspectives that he uses throw away jokes to break the tension.

  11. James Trevorrow says:

    now i can play Tetris on my ram 🙂

  12. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    Non RGB : lvl 1 crook
    RGB : lvl 100 boss

    *That’s how computers work*

  13. sexy korean girl says:

    whats rgb?

  14. id104335409 says:

    You want more LEDs – put your PC tower behind your monitor – IT GOT ALL THE LEDS YOU NEED !

  15. AlbaTech says:

    amazing mouse lag —-> 4:45

    • marcopolo208 says:

      Yeah that looked weird, lag though or something about the settings? Acceleration on or low sensitivity perhaps? But I still don’t want a claw grip mouse.

  16. shubus says:

    This RGB nonsense has gotten way out of hand.

  17. Cypherous says:

    Did anyone else get to 3 minute mark, hear linus say “speaking of” and go to close the video thinking it was a sponsor section?

  18. daghrb6 says:

    Sigh vapor news. RGB closer together, I mean displays?
    LED strips don’t need closer spacing due to brightness and heat.
    But whatever they made something non standard, but It aint spectacular…

    • Opinionated Loser says:

      daghrb6 ur retard

    • Daniel Goodnow says:

      Agreed. And I really don’t like Linus’s comparison to the LED Strips, it wasn’t like they were just taping leds to their hardware (I mean sure some cases probably did that but most hardware isn’t using led tape) and more importantly high resolution in led highlights isn’t necessary.

  19. Monty Python the Flying Circus says:

    Linus What is the real point of a PC full of RGB lighting (I understand having a back lit keyboard to show up the keys) apart from looking cool?

    Surely it must use mode power to have a machine full of RGB lighting and also cost more for the components compared to a PC with no RGB lighting?

    If it was me I’d rather spend money in better components in the PC case than money on RGB lighting…

    • john oliver says:

      “apart from looking cool”. Answered you’re own question dude.

    • Monty Python the Flying Circus says:

      john oliver so apart from that it has no benefit to the PC?

      so what would you do spend the money covering your low spec PC in RGB as you spent all your budget lighting up your CPU rather than on higher spec components or have to spend an extra couple of hundred to cover your high end PC in RGB?

      I’d rather not bother with RGB at all and spend then money on better components and upgraded memory and then pocket the change to take my mates take down the pub rather than have to max out my credit card to just give off a light show every time I push the on button

    • Lyrindael says:

      +Monty Python the Flying Circus why do you assume everyone is poor and can’t afford both rgb and good hardware?

    • Monty Python the Flying Circus says:

      Lyrindael I am not saying that what I am saying is that if RGB is only for show then I would say don’t waste your money on RGB just spend the difference between an RGB component and a non RGB component (I guess RGB components cost more) on better hardware…

    • john oliver says:

      +Monty Python the Flying Circus listen man, you’re right in what you’re saying. It makes perfect sense. But as a PC gamer I just don’t care. RGB fcking everything. Hooray.

      Edit: I’m not replacing parts with RGB. I’d have a 1080 and 8700k with or without the option for bling.

  20. Eugene InLaw says:

    uh… how is it different from just putting LED screens everywhere, exactly?

    • Hot_Drop_O'Clock says:

      Typically LED monitors are LCD displays with white LED lighting strips illuminating them instead of bulkier CCFL lights. this is more akin to an OLED display where each pixel is its own light source. The big difference comes in longevity as OLED pixels will probably burn out far sooner than the more robust LED cell, look up OLED pixel burn in.

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